Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lindy Stays Put

The eye surgeon checked Lindy's eyes yesterday afternoon and said that she wants to keep Lindy at least through the weekend to monitor her left eye. It is right on the fence, and could go either way; possibly needing surgery and possibly not needing surgery. I think it will probably take it's own sweet time deciding, just so that she has to stay at Duke longer!! They will check her again on either Sunday or Monday and see if there is any difference.

On the bright side, they said her right eye looks good. The retina has reattached itself which is excellent.

Drew came to visit me and Will last night. It was nice to see him. Being apart really stinks. Especially with two babies that we aren't getting to see much of. I have a new appreciation for single mothers. I've been by myself this week and it isn't easy. Luckily I have the most laid back and best baby boy in the world and he is easy to take care of. That leaves me time to wash bottles and do laundry. Thank goodness. If he required constant attention and someone holding him then I'd be in trouble!

So that is the update. Lindy is still at Duke and will be there through the weekend.