Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Breaking News!!

Lindy is on her way back to Baptist Hospital in Winston! She might already be there. We are finally getting her back "home!" It will so much better than having our family split in half. Now we can both be home at night with Will and we can split our days visiting Lindy. Perfect timing that she got to come back in time for Thanksgiving.

The eye doctor checked her eyes Monday morning and said that her left eye is moving in the right direction. There was an area about 5-6 clock hours wide that was elevated. We have been waiting to see if it would start to detach like the right one did. When Dr. Toth checked her yesterday she said the area is only 3 clock hours wide now. So it is getting better! She said Lindy was not critical anymore and that she felt comfortable with moving her back to Baptist. We were very excited to hear the news that her eye looks better and that she gets to come back!

A slight wrinkle in the plan is that Dr. Toth still wants to see Lindy next week for an appointment. So it looks like she might have to go for a little ride next week. Assuming she checks her and the left eye continues to get better than she should turn around and come right back. If the left eye has gotten worse then I guess she would move back into Duke. We'll deal with all that next week though! For now she gets to spend a week back at Baptist!

I was able to go to Duke and spend the weekend with her. It was really nice to have some good quality time together. She has become a smiley little girl! Of course I can't capture any smiles on the camera though! I got to hold her all weekend which was great.

Mr. Will is doing awesome at home. He had another weight check today at the doctor's office and the boy has hit 7 pounds!!!!! He weighed in at 7 lbs 1.6 oz today! He's an eating machine. He can now suck down 3-4 ounces in 8-10 minutes. We have to continually pull the bottle out to slow him down. He is a pleasure to have around. He's so sweet!

Here are some recent pictures of the babies! Enjoy!


Frenda and Pete said...

Will will appreciate the strategically place cloth at his wedding. GLAD both are doing well. LOVE TO ALL.

Virginia said...

I am so glad to hear Lindy is doing well and gets to come back to Winston! Will is quite the cutie and sure is growing fast. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your new family additions!

Jasper said...

It's good to see that Will is getting the hang of eating. Turkeys beware! Here's a new predator!

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