Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long Time, No Post

I know, I know, I haven't written in forever and I know I have left everyone wondering what is going on. The weekend and this week have been a bit busy. Keep reading to find out why!

I hadn't had a chance to post pictures lately so here are some. I'll be updating with pictures in chronological order, so the good stuff is at the end of this post! Anyway, here are pictures of the babies on Halloween. No candy this year. Sorry Will and Lindy!

Lindy wore her first bow in her hair on Halloween! Well really she wore it on her forehead with the help of a little adhesive. The nurses were responsible for that one, not me!

Random cute pictures of the babies!

So news regarding Lindy and her transfer to Duke. She did indeed make the trip to Duke on Sunday morning. She left around 10am. Here is a picture of her in the transport isolette.
This is Lindy's new bed at Duke. They checked her in and Dr. Toth, the eye surgeon, came to check her eyes out at 2pm that day. She looked and she agreed that her right eye was having some retina detachment and definitely needed surgery. She said the left eye was questionable. There is a spot that is concerning but did not need surgery yet. Instead she wanted the pediatric ophthalmologist to scrub in for surgery to see if the left eye could have any more laser treatment done to it. Surgery was scheduled for 1:30pm on Monday.
Here is Lindy being wheeled through Duke hospital over to the Eye Center where she had her surgery on Monday.
Little Miss Lindy soon after her eye surgery. They ended up doing more laser treatment on her left eye, in hopes that she will not have to have more surgery on it. They did the planned surgery on her right eye. It is a pretty interesting surgery. They sucked out the vitreous jelly from her eye and put a gas bubble back in her eye. The gas bubble slowly works its way out of the body and the area fills back in with her own saline. And somehow this helps the retina lay back down! Don't you dig her cute little pink eye patch!!
This is on Tuesday, without her eye patch. Her eyes looked really good. They were hardly puffy and just a little bit red. There is some tape residue all over her forehead in case you were wondering what that was!

So we had little Miss Lindy set and through surgery. We spent Sunday and Monday nights in Durham and went by to see her on Tuesday morning. We left around 11am and we drove straight to Baptist Hospital to pick up Will and bring him HOME!!!! We got there around 1pm and we had some last minute discharge things to do before we could leave. We walked out the door with Will at 2:30pm.

Here is Will in his going home outfit in his new car seat!
Here is Drew, holding the car seat. We were at the elevators, ready to get on. Will was all bundled up and ready to head out! It was so odd to have him out of the NICU. It was odd that he wasn't attached to any wires!!
And here is Will all set to go in the car. The first time we have had a baby in our car!!! Pretty crazy! I had to ride in the back seat with him on the way home, just to make sure he was okay. He slept the entire ride home. He did not appreciate the sun shining in his eyes. Mommy was his own personal sun shade on the trip home.
As soon as we got home it was time to eat. Here I am giving Will his first bottle at home.
One last picture from the first day at home. He's so sweet!
So the updates since we've been home. The first night was interesting! All he did was sleep at the hospital so we just knew he'd do the same at home. Instead he was quite awake for most of the afternoon. We had him in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first night. I'm not sure how much anyone slept that night. As most people know, babies make a lot of noise! Will is a pacifier boy and he fusses a bit when he looses his paci. Plus we got up to feed him 3 times the first night, and we were just plain nervous and excited! We had to make sure he was still breathing. For three months we have relied on monitors to tell us whether he was breathing. I'm happy to report, he's still breathing!!!
Wednesday morning we started the day off with Will's first home bath. He didn't seem to enjoy the first experience. What he did do was poop during his bath! He was on a little mesh thing and he pooped all over it! Then he had his first pediatrician appointment. We went to meet the pediatrician and get him established. We had wanted to meet her this summer but we all know how the summer went down. She came highly recommended from a friend and we were really impressed with her. After the doctors appointment, Drew left and headed back to Duke to be with Lindy. Will and I hung out together all afternoon and then my parents arrived in the early evening. They got to hold Will for the first time ever! They will be here through the weekend to help me out.
Lindy was still on the ventilator when she went to Duke, but not anymore! They extubated her yesterday and put her on nasal cannula. She did so well that today they took that off and she was/still is on ROOM AIR! The first time ever for Miss Lindy! We've talked to the nurse around 10pm tonight and she is still doing well. They have also started her feedings back up. I hope she can tolerate them okay! Breathing and eating are two of her last obstacles!
Drew is hanging out in Durham tomorrow and coming home in the evening. My parents and I are going to Duke on Saturday to see Lindy. It's been hard for me to not see her and Drew to not see Will. The situation is not ideal but we are doing what we have to. They will check Lindy's eyes again on Tuesday and will decide if she needs the surgery on her left eye. If she does she will have it done on Wednesday. If not, hopefully she'll get transferred back to Baptist.
So there is finally the update. It might be the longest post in blogging history! It has only taken me all day to get this written! Right now things are calm and quiet. If we can get Miss Lindy back to Baptist and then home, all will be well!


Anonymous said...

how exciting to see will at home! I bet you were overcome with emotion on that day! We were nervous leaving the hospital when we had our daughter, and she was full term! I'm glad to hear lindy's eye surgery went well and hope she gets home soon too! Thanks for the update! Angie Adams

Paulette said...

Ron and I are so glad Lindy is doing so well after her eye surgery. Having Will home has got to be a wonderful event. Doing all the things you do with new babies - Feeding, changing diapers,waking all hours of the night. It is tiring but fun. Hopefully Lindy will continue to do well and be home soon.

Ron and Paulette

Carrie said...

This posting has made my day! I can't imagine the excitement at all the good news. And, I cannot wait to hold Will, and eventually Lindy!

Joey said...

This news made my day! So glad you finally got to bring Will home, and I'm sure Lindy's soon to follow. Have a good weekend with the family!

Mary Allen said...

Congratulations Will!
We have something to send you all for the babies to use at home. We are so excited that they are both doing well. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

Our love -
Mark and Mary Allen Conforti

Tonya Montriefs said...

I am so glad Lindy did well. I knew she would. We have been praying for her. Dr. Toth is wonderful. Like I said she was and is in the best eye surgeons hands EVER!! I am so glad Will is at home. We had the same issues when Ethan came home. Every noise he made we were up and trying to get the feeding schedule right. CRAZY just wait until you get both of those munchins home. FUN FUN FUN!!! Austin had reflux real bad so it took 1 hour to feed him one ounce and then we had to feed Ethan who took 30 minutes to feed and by the time that was over, it was time to feed again. Crazy! Things are so much better now. If you need anything or just need someone to talk to who has been there, just contact me through email and I will send you my numbers. Take care and we will continue to pray for your little miracles!!

lauren said...

I've been keeping up through Katie and was so glad to hear that you guys got Will home, and that you both got to be part of the homecoming! Now just to get Lindy back to Baptist and then home!!

Anonymous said...

Jamie, know that your family is staying in my thoughts and prayers. I would love to see you all again. Until then, I am so grateful to be able to stay in touch this way. You and Drew are doing a great job!

Mary Ann Davis

Anonymous said...

Drew and Jamie-Don and I check on the babies every day.Please know you remain in our thoughts and prayers. Don and Lynne McIntyre

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