Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One at Home, One at Duke

Will has been home one week today! It's very hard to believe. So far he is a great baby and has been pretty easy to take care of. We only hope it continues to stay that way!

Last week ended up pretty quiet. Drew came back from Duke on Friday night to see Will. My parents and I went to Duke on Saturday to see Miss Lindy. "LJ" as my dad has taken to calling her was doing well. We held her all afternoon and it was nice to spend some good quality time with her. I hated leaving her. Drew's mom went and spent Sunday with her so Drew could have another day with Will. Sunday Lindy had a pretty bad episode of dropping her heart rate and sats. Apparently it was one of her worst episodes. They ended up putting her back on the nasal cannula and they started a septic workup. She had also had a little bit of residuals left in her belly from a feeding on Saturday. Those two events made the doctors question a possible infection. They did the usual blood and urine cultures and tried to obtain spinal fluid from a lumbar puncture but they were unsuccessful. Scary words like meningitis were being thrown around. So far nothing has grown out of her cultures. We hope it stays that way!

Another thing Lindy has going on is a little bit of twitching. Drew and I noticed it the day after she got to Duke and they told us it was probably withdrawal from the pain meds she was on at Baptist. Drew didn't see it the rest of the week. Apparently she started it back up on Sunday and the doctors wondered if she was having small seizures. More scary words being thrown around. Yesterday was full of tests for Lindy. She had an EEG to check her brain functions and she also had a CT Scan to check on the shunt. So far everything has come back fine. They are going to do longer EEG overnight though, just to check again. I sure hope nothing comes of all of this.

Some good news in Lindy's life is that for two weeks in a row, she has tested negative for MRSA! You have to have three negative tests (done weekly) to be considered MRSA free. We will definitely be looking for another negative next week! It would be great to rid ourselves of that label!

The pediatric ophthalmologist checked Lindy's left eye today and we are cautiously optimistic that she will not need surgery on it tomorrow. He said it looks about the same as it looked last Monday which is a good sign that it has not gotten worse. He said it could still get worse but that it is just something that needs to be checked on. The surgeon will look at her eyes tomorrow and hopefully say the same thing. Hopefully we'll get her back to Baptist soon!

That covers all of Lindy's news. Will is doing so well at home. He had a pediatrician appointment today and he weighs 6 lbs and 11.6 ounces! He is gaining a lot of weight! We have permission to feed him every 4 hours during the night instead of every three. Maybe we can get a little more sleep! He has been such a pleasure to have at home. We are really getting some good bonding time lately with Drew being at Duke.

Enjoy some pictures from the past week.

Will's first real bath! He had only gotten spong baths at the hospital and was sitting in the sling mesh part the first time we gave him a bath at home. This was the second bath we gave him and had him sitting down in some water. He liked that much better. Man it put him to sleep though, he would hardly wake up for his bottle!
Miss Lindy on room air! Pretty cool huh?Jack checking out the new addition to the household.
Sweet Lindy