Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindy Update

They had Lindy ready to go this morning and at the elevators when one of the nurse anesthetists got a page that said, "Don't bring the baby." They took her back and called and for whatever reason, they couldn't do her surgery at that time.

So she ended up going around 9am and she did well. She had to go back under anesthesia which means she had to be intubated. They went in and washed the blood out of her eye. The doctor said the retina looks good though, it is attached as it should be. She looked closely at the left eye while Lindy was under and she still isn't sure what the eye is going to do. The doctor will check her eyes again on Tuesday. They will decide then what her chances are of going back to Baptist or whether she will need to stay at Duke and be monitored by their eye doctors.

There is no doubt about it, she is a tough little cookie! She has been such a fighter and has stayed so strong.

Today is their four month birthday! Can you believe it? They have come such a long way.