Sunday, January 31, 2016

Short Snow Week

I was right when I said it would be a short week.  The kids were out of school on Monday and Tuesday and had a two hour delay on Wednesday!!  The kids had school on Friday, Jan. 15th and finally went back to school on Wednesday, Jan. 27th.  Whoa!  Another winter break for them! 

They were all excited for no snow but it was an awful week for me for the kids to be out.  I had a lot going on at work and I couldn't stay home with them or work from home.  So they came with me to work for two days.  Shockingly they were so good at work.  Such long days and they were awesome.  We kept busy with a new reading app we got, we did their Valentines, and they had some screen time.  It went by much faster than any of us dreamed. 

We did have a small break from the office on Tuesday.  Lindy had an appointment to get an ear mold made and get her hearing aid checked on at 12:45pm.  We have had problems all fall with her right ear.  She's had swimmer's ear (an outer ear infection) off and on all fall.  Which means she has not worn that hearing aid consistently.  We have never had this problem.  I was sick of it so we made a new ear mold.  While she was out of school I had it out to heal but when I went to put it back in, the hearing aid sounded awful.  Her audiologist said she couldn't fix it and would have to send it off for $200.  Her hearing aids are past the point most people have them and I wasn't sure if spending $200 was the best thing to do.  We've been talking to her audiologist about new ones so I think we are going that route.  It can't be easy though, our insurance doesn't cover them.  Instead of spending $4-$5K on them, we are going to apply to a program at UNC-Chapel Hill.  We will see if we get accepted and if we do they help pay the price of them.  Fingers crossed!  After that appointment we hopped one door down and went to PT.  She did fine at her appointment and Jill does not think she needs to be seeing her regularly.  We made a summer appointment for new braces.  She put Kiniseology tape on her because I had some issues with the wraps we've been using.  I liked the kiniseology tape much better.  It stayed on for days and didn't cover her whole legs.  They did hurt a bit coming off but I thought they were much better.  We need to look into getting it for her.  It is supposed to help pull her hips out.   She got to roller skate which she did well with.  She started with one foot only and then two.  She only fell once but it was fun to see her trying to roller skate!

The rest of the week was much more normal.  We had a lazy Friday night.  We were all tired after trying to get back in the swing of things.  Saturday we went out for lunch in downtown and walked around a little bit.  I did a little shopping in the afternoon and then we headed out to eat that night with Mimo, Ed and Jamie.  Molly watched the kids while we were gone.  We had a great dinner out.  We went to the one steakhouse in town and it was packed.  We got there before 6pm and waited 1.5 hours!  Thankfully it was good and worth it! 

Today we had church and then we divided and conquered our grocery shopping for the month.  Drew and Lindy headed to Sam's and Krispy Kreme (not on the list) and Will and I hit Aldi's and Walmart.  I know he doesn't love shopping but I enjoyed our time together!

That's a wrap on the week.  Not many pictures this week.

Getting a new ear mold made. 
 She likes playing with the extra pink stuff. 

PT with Miss Jill.  Roller skating! 

 Going with two!

 Looking cute before church this morning!


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