Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Eve

We dropped Hayley and Rylee off with my dad in Mocksville, then we headed straight to Ed and Jamie's for Christmas Eve with Lynn.  Lynn just moved into her house 3 weeks ago so she wasn't quite ready for hosting Christmas so we went to Ed and Jamie's.  We all brought some appetizers and had a yummy lunch. 

It was also Lynn's birthday so we were able to celebrate with her too.  We did cake and birthday presents after lunch.   I will say Anna and I had a great birthday present for her.  She was shocked and I think she loved it.  We bought 3 tickets to a Garth Brooks concert in March.  She is a huge Garth Brooks fan and has never been to a concert.   She was excited!  Anna and I had a tough time keeping the secret!

After birthday presents, we moved onto Christmas presents.  The kids were very excited and got some fun gifts they had been wanting.  They tore through their presents, Molly went next, and then the adults finally got to open ours.

We hung out until 3pm and then we had to head home to get ready for our Christmas Eve service at our new church.  We haven't been at a church with a Xmas Eve service for 12 years.  This one was at 4pm which was nice because we were home and had a nice evening at home. 

The weather was crazy warm this year and we ended up in crazy outfits for the Christmas Eve service.  I had Xmas outfits picked out for the kids and I hated to not use them.  We did a few tweaks and made them work.  Will wore his shirt and shorts and Lindy wore her dress but no tights or leggings.  I was able to wear a short sleeve dress too.  So weird for Xmas Eve church!

We had a relaxing evening at home, which has not been the normal for us the past few years.   The past few years we've met a friend of Drew's who lives in South Korea and has come home for Xmas for dinner on Xmas Eve and we haven't gotten home till late.   We put out our cookies and milk and said our goodbyes to our elf, Pluto.  Drew and I watched some of A Christmas Story and got ready for Christmas morning!

On our way to meet my dad. 
Lindy trying to feel baby Ellie kicking!
 Happy Birthday Mimo!
 When she realized she is going to a Garth Brooks concert!
 Christmas presents! 

 I got the women a Betty bag!

 I got an Atari!  My first Atari!
 Cool chicks with the crowns from the Christmas crackers.  That's a lot of C's.  ha!

 Will and Molly playing Life. 
 Christmas Eve church outfits.

 They opened new blankets from Ms. Martha!

Saying goodbye to Pluto.  He's hidden in the Santa.

 He made Santa a cookie with his new Spirograph

 Aren't they the cutest?!

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