Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Week

Christmas week started off much different than I had imagined it would.  Sunday after Christmas at Joan's, Bob and Suzette took Lindy and Will home with them until Wednesday.  I suddenly had three free days. 

Monday Lynn and Anna came over and we headed downtown to look around.  Our new town has quite a cute downtown with lots of cute shops, a cute restaurant for lunch and a cupcake place for dessert.  I had been wanting to spend some time down there and it worked out that since the kids were gone I could do it.  They came a little bit early and Anna brought her new dog over to play with Aiden.  Nugget was a rescue dog who hasn't mastered the concept of playing.  Aiden is a bigtime player so he was like "Nugget, come play!"  He wanted to play so bad.  It took him a little while but he finally started running a bit.  And then his bowels got a little upset and he had a good case of diarrhea.  Nugget kept wanting to get inside to play with the cat.  Monday night my parents came over to pick Aiden up.  They were going to take him home to let him and Sadie get their biggest wrestling out of the way before everyone showed up for Xmas.  Sadie and Aiden played at our house for a bit and we ate dinner.  They headed off and then I had no kids or a dog.  The house was really quiet!  Jack was still there but he is quiet and easy.

Tuesday I had a date planned with wrapping paper, tape and scissors.  I had wrapped almost nothing and spent my entire day wrapping.  I did set my computer up and watched about 5 straight episodes of Downton Abbey so that was nice  Drew got home from work and we ate out for dinner and ran a few last minute errands for Xmas gifts. 

The kids had fun at Bob and Suzette's.  Monday Bob took Will to Dave and Busters for a morning of fun.  In her words, Lindy "refused to go."  She said she doesn't like video games.  She went with Suzette to visit an old lady from their church.  I'm sure she actually enjoyed that!  Tuesday they went to see the new Chipmunks movie and came home singing the songs from the movie. 

Wednesday Bob brought the kids back but took them to Lynn's because I had a doctor's appointment.  They decorated Xmas cookies - that were much prettier than the ones we made at home!  I picked them up around 4:30pm and I told the kids I had a surprise for them.  I told them we were going to Mocksville to meet someone to pick something up.  They asked if they could play with it and I said yes.  When we got there we met my dad and we picked up Hayley and Rylee!  They had flown in on Tuesday and they were able to come spend Wednesday night with us.  The kids were so excited for them to come to our house to play with their toys and for them to spend the night.  We picked them up and had pizza for dinner and donuts for dessert.  They played all night and Hayley introduced us to Dubsmash.  They had a campout in the den with the Christmas tree lights.  I had to wake them up Thursday morning to get them up and ready to take them back to meet my dad in Mocksville again.  It wasn't long but we really enjoyed having them there!

Not many pics - but here are a few.

The only picture I got from the kids' time in Charlotte.  

Until I got this one from Suzette.  ha!
 Monday - out for lunch and shopping
 Nugget trying to get inside to get Jack!
 Playing with cousins!

 Campout in the den!

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