Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lindy's Special Day

We finished up work and school (for the kids and I anyway) for the year and it felt great!  I worked half days on Monday and Tuesday, full days on Wednesday and Thursday and then was done.  The kids had school all week.

Lindy had her normal homework and Will had no homework.  In her words, "It's not fair."  I agreed but we talked about how their classes are different and we have to do what her teacher says.  

Mimo picked the kids up from school on Monday and took them to our house.  She hadn't gotten her washer and dryer yet and she needed to do some laundry.  We ate dinner and she headed home after that.  I was able to get some Xmas shopping done before heading home which was good.

Friday the kids had their Xmas parties.  Lindy's class had their party with just their class but Will's class had a pizza party with parents.  We ate pizza, they listened to a story and did a craft.  I left Will's party about 10 minutes early and went and had lunch with Lindy.  Her special day was on Saturday so I had lunch with her on Friday.  She picked a little girl named Hadley to eat with us.  I think she honestly picks whoever is standing in front of her to eat with her!  ha! 

Friday night we got home and we made Xmas cookies.  It's a task I really don't enjoy, but the kids do and we do it for tradition's sake.  The cookies were too thin and turned out not very good but the kids didn't care.  They had fun coating them in colored sugar and tiny balls.  After cookies and dinner we changed into Xmas pjs and we rode around town to look at lights.  We checked out some new neighborhoods in town and found some pretty lights.  We came home and watched the movie Elf for the first time.  Will had been dying to watch it so I finally let them.  We also did our other usual tradition of sleeping by the Xmas tree lights.  The kids and Drew (his own decision) slept on the ground and I slept on the couch with Aiden.  He loved sleeping out of his crate - a first for him. 

We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday for Lindy's special day.  I had done signs and balloons for Will's special day and at 6am I remembered we hadn't done anything for Lindy yet.  We sprang into action to make signs and blow up balloons for her.  She woke up happy to see them at her breakfast seat that morning. 

For Lindy's special activity we went on a Polar Express train ride.  I had been wanting to do this for a long time but until last year the only one around was about 4 hours away and would require a night stay.  The tickets are expensive so we've never done it.  Last year the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, 45 mins, from us started doing it.  The tickets were sold out last year but I got on and got them early this year.  Since Lindy's special day was a Saturday I thought this would be the perfect activity.

We got there about an hour early and we went to the gift shop and we toasted marshmallows for s'mores.  We got in line for our car and shortly after 7pm we boarded our train.  It was a fun night.  The 3 chefs did a fun song and dance and then they passed out hot chocolate and cookies.  They read the story and showed the book to us and we stopped at the North Pole.  We got out of the train and Santa gave the first gift of Xmas and we got back on the train and headed back to the station.  Along the way Santa came through and gave everyone a bell.  Everyone had a good time on our Polar Express ride to the North Pole!

One night I wondered where Aiden was and found him asleep with Lindy!  She was so excited he slept with her even though she had no idea!

Will and the tree he made us for Xmas.  He was so proud because he wrapped it himself too.

Will at his Xmas party at school.

 With his buddy Ben.
Making Xmas cookies.  Let the fun begin!

We rode around looking at Xmas lights and took Aiden.  He enjoyed the lights!

The annual sleeping by the Xmas tree tradition.
 Lindy's special day!  So proud of her sign and balloons.
 In front of the Polar Express train. 
 He punched their names in their tickets.

 Making s'mores.

 Waiting to board.

 On Board!

 Helping turn the pages of the book while they were reading it.

 At the North Pole with the elves and Santa's sleigh.

 With the chef on our train car.

 Heading to church Sunday morning.

 Best picture I've ever gotten of them together!

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