Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello December and Christmas

When we got home from MO, November, fall and Thanksgiving were over!  I was so ready to get on with December and Xmas!  First I had to get my Xmas cards because I hadn’t told anyone our new mailing address.  While everyone was putting pictures of their pretty trees online, I was furiously writing addresses.  But I got that done – thanks to some help from Drew closing envelopes and Will putting stamps on.  It was finally time to decorate!

We put up our Xmas trees on Wednesday night, hoping to let the dog get used to them.  It seems to have worked.  He hasn’t messed with them which is good.  Even without ornaments, they are just pretty to have in your house!  He did eat a bunch of the fake needles that fell off that night as we were putting it up and fluffing and he did throw up the next morning at 4:48am.  Good times.

Thursday night the kids had a babysitter for a couple hours as Drew and I both had plans.  Drew had a work thing and I went to painting night with Jamie.  She had given me a gift certificate for a wine and design place.  Early in fall we looked at our options and we chose a snowman painting for that Thursday night.  It was the first time I’ve ever done one.  It was fun!  A little nerve-wracking because my parents have been known to have put my school art paintings in their closet.   We had an instructor telling us how to paint it so that was good.  We both ended up with great paintings after a fun evening!

Friday night we headed back to our old stomping ground, Faith UMC.  Martha had emailed us asking if the kids would want to attend the kids’ Xmas party.  They did want to see their old friends so we went.  Lindy loved seeing all her old Sunday school teachers and Will really enjoyed seeing his friend, Dylan.  They had fun and it was good to see our old friends.

Saturday morning we had a lazy morning of decorating.  We finally got the rest of our Xmas decorations out.  The kids enjoyed decorating their little trees in their rooms. 

The other big news of the day was that Mimo moved to town!!  She realized she had no family down in Waxhaw, all her grandkids were here, and she is now closer to Anna.  Drew went over Sat. morning to help and then the kids and I went over around 3:30pm.  We didn’t want to be in the way.   We got to see Anna and Brian and meet their new dog, Nugget.  We got a bit unpacked on Saturday and I went back for a little bit on Sunday.   Welcome to town, Mimo!

Sunday we had church and then we attempted to put up Xmas lights.  We found out the peak of our house, that doesn’t look so tall, is taller than we thought and our ladder isn’t tall enough.   We ditched that idea and instead we headed to check out the Kernersville Christmas parade.  It was in walking distance of our house so we walked up.  It was a perfect day and the kids were right on the curb.  They had candy thrown at them and I got a t-shirt, but they still weren’t too impressed.  Who knows!  We watched for awhile and headed back home.  It’s fun to live in walking distance of things!

Some pics from the week. 
Creating our masterpieces!
 Ta-da!  Snowman in the woods!

Xmas party at Faith!

 Dancing with Ms. Martha!

 The crew.  Who knows what Lindy was doing!
 Lindy and Ms. Phyllis
 Will and Dylan
 Awww, a great picture!
 Decorating their trees!

 Finished products!


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