Monday, December 14, 2015

More Christmas Activities!

We trucked right along into the second week of Christmas.  I only worked three days this week which was great!  I got a good bit done which is awesome!

We had a fun adventure this week to get us in the Xmas spirit.  I found out about the North Carolina Symphony playing a Holiday Pops concert at High Point University – which is about 30 mins from here.  The best part is that it said they had complimentary tickets so I looked into it and they did!  We headed over Tuesday evening and we got to see an awesome concert!  We were up in the balcony and we had a great view of the musicians.  I didn’t worry about Lindy seeing since it’s more about listening.  She listened for about 40 mins and then got up in my lap and proceeded to take a long winter’s nap.  ha!  She slept through intermission and the second half and I finally got her woken up for the sing along, which she was too out of to do.  She had started in with a cold this week and I think she was a little worn out.  I hate she missed it because they played some Polar Express music and Frozen music, along with some good old carols.  Drew, Will and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  So fun!  It was a super late night for the kids on a school night, but they survived!

Thursday morning Lindy had her annual kidney testing.  We dropped Will off at school and then we headed straight to Brenner.  She had her ultrasound first and it was done by our favorite ultrasound technician.  The same one that used to scan her in the NICU!   She gave her a stuffed dog for Xmas and Lindy was so excited!  Next we had an appointment with the nephrologist.  Thankfully Lindy has had no major illnesses or any problems related to her kidneys this past year.  Her right kidney has not grown in a couple years but thankfully her left kidney is growing.  It is in the normal range which is awesome.  Because she has always been stable and had no problems, they released us to come every other year – unless we have some problems.   The nurse there gave her a flamingo beanie baby!  She hit the jackpot! ha!  We got out of there and we headed to the annual hearing impaired Xmas party the school district puts on.  We got there and Lindy did a couple crafts and we ate lunch.  We mostly go to see her preschool teachers, Ms. Mary and Mrs. Asbury.  The party isn’t that great but we enjoy seeing them.   It was crazy to see some of the kids that were in her preschool class.  Some have grown so much!  I finally dropped her back off at school and I headed out to do some Xmas shopping. 

Friday I had the day off and I did a bit of early shopping in the morning and then I enjoyed my day at home.  I hardly ever spend time at home by myself during the day!  Aiden enjoyed me being home too.  I got all our presents sorted out which is good.  Too bad I didn’t get anything wrapped.  Friday evening we did an annual holiday tradition – the Pilot Mountain Christmas lights.   We ate dinner in King first, with Janice.  We tried to talk her into going to the lights with us but we couldn’t.  We went to the lights and enjoyed walking around to see everything.  It’s amazing that this is someone’s house and yard.  We found out that next year is their last year doing it.  They deserve a break!  We headed home while checking out a couple other houses with lots of lights and blow up things. 

Saturday we had a pretty great, lazy day around the house.  Which was good because our whole house has come down with a cold.  Lindy got it last Sunday, I got it on Thursday, Drew got it Friday and Will got it Saturday.  We shared really well.  Lindy and I are on the tail end, just getting over the remnants of it.  I think Will feels okay today, but his nose faucet has turned on full blast.  The boy has more snot then anyone I’ve ever met.  Watch out if you are around him when he sneezes!  ha.  Drew seems to have gotten it the worst and seems to feel the worst of all of us.  He does seem to feel better this evening.

The only thing we had scheduled for Saturday was a date with Santa at our church.  We went up for a picture with him and headed home.  Saturday night Mimo and Aunt Anna came over and we set off on a new Christmas adventure.  We have a friend who is a pastor in Thomasville (actually he married us – and Aunt Anna) and their church was doing a live nativity for the first time at their church.  Mimo asked if we wanted to check it out.  We headed down there, not really knowing exactly what we were doing.   Come to find out it was a drive through live nativity and we waited about an hour to get up to see it.  Which is fine if we had known that.  I think the popularity overwhelmed the police because they were doing some bad traffic control.  Ben found us and actually hopped in the car and rode through with us.  It was quite impressive actually.  3 real camels, 250 actors.  He said they sewed their costumes and started the sets in May.  We enjoyed seeing Ben for a few minutes anyway and then we had Sir Pizza for dinner!  Not the original Asheboro Sir Pizza but a close second.  We headed home and got the kids to bed.

Today we went to church, but just church.  We decided to skip Sunday School to minimize the spreading of germs as much as possible.  We skipped shaking hands and I kept Will with me during the whole service.  This afternoon Drew, Bob and Will went back to church for the Xmas cantata and Lindy and I met the women folk in the family for Aunt Jamie’s baby shower.  Lindy had a fun time getting presents for Jamie and seeing what she got.  As usual she provided some comic relief.

As busy as this time of year is, I just love it!  Love all the Christmas traditions and adding new ones!  Here are pictures of our Xmas adventures this week. 
We dressed in Xmas Clothes to go to the Symphony Tuesday night.

 Waiting for the music to start!
 Lindy and Klista - our favorite ultrasound technician.  She's been scanning her since the NICU.
 Queen Lindy and her stuffed animals
At the hearing impaired party
 Lindy and Mrs. Asbury - her preschool teacher
 Lindy and Ms. Mary - her other preschool teacher
 When she got back to school she went to her vision teacher’s room and decorated cookies and a gingerbread house.  I got this picture from her vision teacher!  I told Ms. Donna she was brave!
Lindy and the cookies she made for her family.
 Friday night at the Pilot Mountain Xmas

 They had fake snow that Will liked!  He said it was really bubbles.

 About the closest Jack and Aiden ever get. 

 And it always turns into a smack down by Jack.

 Cute church clothes - although it was so warm we had to find short sleeves and no leggings were needed!

 Our sweet, snot filled boy!

 Helping at Aunt Jamie's baby shower.

 Lindy and Aunt Anna!

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