Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Birthday!!

I spent my last week in my 38th year last week and I celebrated my 39th birthday on Monday.  I certainly don't feel 39.  I'm not sure how it happened and the next number I turn is a little scary to think about.  But I love my birthday and I'm glad it comes around each year!!

Back to the beginning of the week.  I had a family advisory council meeting on Monday night.  I met Drew at Sam's Club to hand off the kids.  The rest of the week was a normal week.  I got about 7 inches of hair cut off on Wednesday. 

Lindy had a semi fun project due last week.  They were studying economics and her teacher wanted them to cook something for all the other second graders to come eat.  They had to make 50 of something.  50?  That's a lot!  I came up with the idea of puppy chow which really is easy and so perfect for the dog lover!  Bagging the suckers was the most time consuming project.  We had a little help from our friends and we got it knocked out.  We worked on it multiple nights last week as she also had to write down ever ingredient and its price.  She had fun at the café, giving out her bags.  She only had 2 left.  Will enjoyed getting to go to her class and eating all the foods.  They got to pick 7 or 8 snacks.  That's a lot!  Will said lots of his friends came up and told him Lindy's puppy chow was good! 

Friday night we played a wild game of Life.  Will got it for Xmas and we hadn't played it with him yet.  It has the electronic banking and debit cards and it is super cool.  So much easier than doling out money!  It got long but we finished.  Lindy, who was half heartedly interested in it, won.  She retired first with hubby and twins and other son.  She only cared about getting babies in the game!

Saturday we had a lazy day around the house doing chores before the Chiefs football game.  Drew was on call and actually got called out so he was gone most of the afternoon.  We watched the football game and were sad about the outcome.  I really really thought the stars were aligning for all the KC sports teams to win the big games this year.  Oh how I wanted that to happen. 

Sunday we had our first snowfall of the year!!  It was beautiful and covered our grass, but not our roads.  The perfect snow.  I made the kids go outside when we got up because we didn't know how long it would last.  People came to church so that was good!  Drew had a funeral in the afternoon and I watched football games while cleaning up the house. 

Sunday night I had a birthday party!  A bunco birthday party!  I had never played before and I've always wanted to, so we got it together this year!  We had a blast!  I think everyone did actually!  We had lasagna for dinner, played a round, had cake and finished with one more round.  The kids had Micah and Claire to play with so they were happy.  Next time I want them to play because I think they'd like it.  It was the perfect birthday party - exactly what I wanted!

Monday was my birthday and 3 of the 4 of us had a really lazy day at home.  The kids and I had the day off of work and school.  Lindy had started coming down with a cold on Sunday so we just did nothing.  I let them have too much screen time while I finished a book I'd been reading.  Hey, it was my birthday.  We finally got around in the afternoon but still took it easy.  We headed  over to dinner in Winston for my birthday dinner.  We met Drew, my parents, Lynn and Bob at Arigato, a Japanese steakhouse.  We hadn't been to one in so long and the kids had never been to one.   We had a blast!  We had a great chef who had fun picking on my dad and Bob.  He picked with Will too and somehow got him to eat shrimp, zucchini and onions.  We might eat there every night!  Bob opened his big mouth to tell them it was my birthday so I got some singing and drum playing.  It was a really fun evening we all enjoyed! 
Lindy was into baby dolls for a day. 
 Chef Lindy and her puppy chow bag!
 Snow!!  Even Aiden enjoyed it!
 So cool that I caught the falling snow!
 A snowflake on Lindy! ha!

 Of course my girl had to wear her snowflake dress to church.  I love this dress!

 Handsome boy!
 My birthday party!  Drew made my yummy cake!

 I only got a couple pics because we were busy playing bunco. 
Jamie, Katie, Shawn, and Meghan
 The ladies - Katie, Katie, Meghan, me, Velvet, and Jamie. 
 Lindy found herself a new boyfriend - Craig!  She loved him!
 Monday night birthday dinner at Arigato.

 Will when the Chef lit the fire!

Birthday presents!  

A whole Stitchfix box!! 

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