Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year's and Drew's Birthday

We came back from my parents' and had a few more days off of work and school.  Well Drew had to go back to work but the kids and I had a few more days.  We got all the Xmas stuff down and I completely cleaned the house.  I didn't enjoy it but it was great to go back to work with all that done.

We had two more celebrations before going to work and school.  We had a raging, wild, New Year's Eve.  The kids and I partied hard in our pj's!  Drew was on call so we couldn't really plan anything.  He was also asleep on the couch most of the night. ha.  He woke up near midnight to act like he'd been awake for our picture. ha.   We rang in the New Year and went immediately to sleep!

We ended the weekend with the last celebration - Drew's birthday.  This was a big one - the big 4 - 0!!  My hubby is 40!  Wow.  When did we get old?  I'm not so old actually, when did he get old? ha ha!

We met Bob and Suzette, Lynn, Ed and Jamie for lunch on Saturday at Mama Zoe Michael's.  We enjoyed our time visiting.  Mimo gave Drew a big present - she kept the kids AND dog for the night!  She was nervous about Aiden coming along but I think it all turned out well, so that was good.  We dropped them at Mimo's and then we headed home to get ready for a little birthday party.  We had his closest friends over for his birthday.  Most live around here but two came from the Raleigh area so he was excited.  We had his fave, BBQ for dinner, and I made his fave dessert, banana pudding, for him.  We hung out and talked and played a couple games.  He had a great night and enjoyed hanging with his friends. 

Sunday we had church and the congregation surprised him with a little birthday party there, too.  We had cake after church.  We had a couple from our old church, Frank and Bonnie, who Drew has always been close with, come surprise him as well!  I knew they were coming and arranged to go out to lunch with them.  Mimo brought all the grandkids and dog back and came to church as well.   He was surprised at the cake and Frank and Bonnie being there.  We enjoyed our lunch with Frank, Bonnie and Mimo.  We savored our last afternoon of freedom before reality started back on Monday morning.
Our wild New Year's.  Lindy thought she was so funny with her feet on Drew. ha!
 We were all tired.  Even Aiden! ha
 Happy New Year!!
Drew's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Drew!
 I surprised him with tickets to the Whitewater Center in Charlotte.
 Bob brought a baby picture of Drew to lunch.  He was a 10lb 3oz baby.  Wow!
 Birthday lunch with the family.
  Birthday banana pudding!
The wives at the party.
 We played the dice game, LCR, and Drew won. He's never won before so it was a nice little birthday present for him!
 The boys at the party.
 Surprise!  Cake at church.
 Lunch with Frank and Bonnie after church on Sunday.

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