Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Morning

I'm trying to finish up the Christmas posts. Slowly getting there!

We woke up around 7am and no kids were awake.  I got up to go fix cinnamon rolls.  Drew and I were standing in the den when all of a sudden Will walks in.  I had told them the night before not to get up and go out to the den in the morning without waking us up.  He went to our room but we weren't there so he came out.  I quickly shooed him out of the room and I really don't think he saw his Santa gifts!  We had to go wake Lindy up and we finally let them out to see if Santa had come.  They did Santa gifts and stockings and then we ate our cinnamon rolls before we moved onto presents. 
The kids got to play with their toys while Drew and I picked up and finished packing our stuff before we headed out to my parents' for Xmas with them.

Lindy's Santa gifts.
 Will's Santa gifts

 "Lindy, wake up!"

 Finally up and moving!
 These pics make me laugh - she went straight for the tree
 but realized Santa left presents by the fireplace!


 Getting comfy in her new chair!

 Opening presents from Mom and Dad and each other.

 Lindy made an ornament for us for Xmas.

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