Monday, February 15, 2016

February Catch Up

The first week of February came and it went and I didn't get a blog post written.  The week itself was pretty boring for the family.  It was a busy work week for me though.  I had a parent teacher conference with Lindy's teacher and vision teacher on Thursday morning.  Lindy had been having some motivation issues at school and we had been struggling with homework.  We got a new plan in place to finish out the school year.  I have seen a huge shift in homework the past two weeks which has been awesome.  She does well in school and is on grade level or above, but she doesn't love to do the work because it's hard to see. 

The weekend was a fun one for me.  I had 4 friends from college come to visit me!  Drew loaded up the kids and headed to Chapel Hill to check it out.  They walked around Franklin St., ate lunch, and headed to the Planetarium for a 2pm show.  It ended up being sold out so they didn't get to see it so they headed home.  They grabbed their stuff and the dog and they headed to Lynn's to spend the night.  Our house just isn't big enough for our family and 4 friends.  My friends and I walked around and shopped in some shops downtown and ate out downtown.  We came back and hung out at our house and had fun catching up. 

Drew and the kids brought the dog home Sunday morning on their way to church.  I made breakfast for my friends before they headed out later in the morning.  We did our normal morning Sunday chores before heading out to Super Bowl parties.  The kids partied with Lynn at her house and Drew and I went to a party hosted by his friend Ross.  It was his 40th birthday party/Super Bowl party and he rented a private room at a restaurant.  We ate well as we watched the game.  The Bryants were there so we got to hang out with them.  Because Mimo lives 5 minutes from the kids' school, the kids spent the night with her Sunday night and she took them to school Monday morning.  We all got to sleep in which was nice.  It was PJ/100th day of school celebration so she didn't even have to dress the kids!  Perfect night for them to spend the night! ha! 

This week was another normal week.  Aiden - the dog - had an appointment on Tuesday.  We got all his shots and checkups since he turned 1 year old in Dec.  He weighed 31.3lbs.   We finished Valentines during the week and the kids had parties on Friday.  Will actually had a special snack instead of a party.  They had cupcakes and popcorn but didn't even get to open their Valentines.  Lindy had an actual party that parents were invited to.  Will had a winter party and they alternate their parties.  Lindy's party started at 12:45pm, their normal lunch time.  We had pizza - except Lindy - who insisted on eating the lunch we accidently made for her.  We forgot she didn't need lunch but she didn't want pizza so she still ate it.  After lunch the kids got to open their Valentines with their parents and then they had dessert - chocolate fondue!  Wow - they were some brave room moms to plan that!  It turned out really good!  Lindy only wanted to dip marshmallows but I went back to dip other things in her chocolate.  The party ended 30 mins before school ended so I went and moved my car and then waited for the kids to come out.

The kids both had playdates after school.  Will's friend rode home with us and Lindy's friend had her dad drop her off.  They each played with their friend, not together at all, but they both had a blast.  Both friends seem like nice kids.   We ate dinner and watched Oliver.  Will watched the whole thing.  Lindy got bored, Drew fell asleep, I talked to my mom on the phone for a bit. 

Saturday we surprised the kids with their Valentines present.  We gave them tickets to the circus!  I did a short scavenger hunt for them to figure it out.  We have never taken them to the circus and I think it's been about 30 years since I've been.  Our tickets were at 11am but you could get there at 9:30am to see the animals then do the preshow fun down on the floor.  The entire trip turned out to be awesome!  The before show stuff was neat and we got some great pics with clowns, performers, and on the motorcycles.  The show started at 11am and two hours later it was over.  We were shocked how long and awesome it was!  I didn't realize it was that long and it was during lunch.  We ended up eating chips, popcorn, cotton candy and soda for lunch.  Oh well - it was the circus!  Will, Drew and I loved it.  Not really sure exactly how much Lindy sees.  I bought front row seats so she could hopefully see some of it.  I think she saw the big animals walking by but not sure how much else.  She didn't get bored till the very end so maybe she saw some of it.   We left there exhausted!  We felt like we'd been performing ourselves for two hours!  We went home to recuperate before we headed out to dinner with Martha and Lynn.  A little early Italian Valentines dinner with some friends and family.  We had a yummy meal before heading home to bed.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  We don't really celebrate the day too much in our house.  Except for the kids I guess.  Drew got me some hot tamales candy!  We had church and then my parents came over for the afternoon.  They brought Sadie so Aiden had a play date.  I think he actually got too excited and kept throwing up around the house?????  Never had that happen.  We ate lunch and then played games with both the kids.  My dad cut down a bunch of brush out behind our shed for us. 

In the late afternoon it started snowing and snowed most of the evening.  They called school off in the evening so we knew we could sleep in this morning.  The kids stayed up till about 9pm and then they had a slumber party in Lindy's room.  Snow day today!!!

That sums up the past two weeks.  Here are pics!
My college friends came to visit!!  Joanna (pot luck roommate!), Nicole, Julie, me and Heather.
The kids Super Bowl party at Lynn's!  We were sad the Panthers lost.  
  Blue Krispy Kreme doughnuts! 
 Valentine's shirts on Friday. 
 Lindy's party at school 

 Will opened his at home. 

 The kids with their friends!

The end of the scavenger hunt, finding out we were going to the Circus!
 Yay!  The Best Show on Earth!  We agreed!

Seeing the animals before the show.

During the preshow on the floor.

 In our seats, waiting for the show to start.
 Excited about their treats!
The Ring Master!

Our Valentine's Dinner Saturday night with two special Valentines!
Valentine's Day!  Too early for Will to open his eyes!

Cute church outfits! 

 Hugging on Sadie
 More special Valentines!


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