Sunday, February 21, 2016

Welcome Ellie!

We had two exciting things this week - one we had been waiting 9+ months for!!

I'll start with Monday and the snow day.  School was cancelled Sunday night so we knew we could sleep in.  I knew it was supposed to rain during the afternoon so after a slow start we got dressed in lots of warm clothes and headed out back to play.  It was more powdery snow that wasn't worth much for building snowmen or snow balls but it was snow.  We stayed out an hour before heading in.  As we were heading inside I realized I didn't have my phone.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I was running in the backyard kicking a ball with Aiden and I knew it must have fallen out of my coat pocket.  30 mins later I finally found it in the snow.  It was off but thankfully turned back on and has worked fine all week.  We made snow cream in the afternoon for a treat.  Strange but yummy southern recipe.  We played inside all afternoon because it did start raining.  And rain it did.  We woke up at 3am to the hardest rain I've ever heard.  It was crazy.  We woke up Tuesday morning to our back patio that looked like a small tornado had gone through.  The grill was on it's side and the table and umbrella were in the yard.  The kids had a two hour delay on Tuesday morning and thankfully all roads were great by then.

Tuesday was the big day for Ed and Jamie!  They had a baby! Jamie's water broke on Monday afternoon and they headed to the hospital.  Eleanor "Ellie" was born at 1:40pm weighing 8lbs 6.5oz!  We were so excited to hear she was here!  I picked the kids up from school and we grabbed dinner before heading to the hospital and meeting up with Drew.  We were so excited to meet baby Ellie!  I loved holding her!  She was like 4 hours old!!  So sweet!!   There was no couch or great place for Lindy and Will to sit with her so they just got to look that day. 

The rest of the week flew by and wasn't nearly as exciting as a baby being born!  Friday we ordered pizza and hung out at home. 

Saturday we met up with Bob, Lynn, Anna and Brian for lunch and then we went to see Ellie again!  Lindy and I had come down with sore throats towards the end of the week so we just looked at Ellie yesterday.  Which killed me!!  We hung out for the afternoon and headed to Sam's and the car wash before heading home. 

Today we've had church and nothing exciting.  We always have some Sunday chores to finish before the week starts so we did all those.  It started raining right as I was taking Aiden for a walk. 

Pics of snow and Ellie! 

Super cold playing in the snow on Monday!

 Aiden loves the snow!!
 Foggy glasses!
 Snow cream!

 Welcome Baby Ellie!  Aunt Jamie loves you!!!
 Lindy and Will were excited to have another cousin! 
 Uncle Drew and Ellie
Sweet newborn baby! 

 Proud Papa!
 Aunt Anna and Ellie!

 Long fingered Southerns!  Ellie fits right in with Drew and Will!
 She's awake!
 She already has them wrapped around her fingers! 
 Mama Jamie and Ellie!
Have a great week!

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