Thursday, December 4, 2014


I was getting ready to call this post something about looking like Christmas and I realized I hadn’t written about Thanksgiving yet.  We don’t want to get out of order with holidays.

The week of Thanksgiving was glorious but I had the whole week off of work!!!  We were closed 3 days and I took the other two off.  It was one of the few times I’ve taken off and stayed home.  Usually we are gone on some vacation.  It was great to have the kids at school and be able to get stuff done at home.  Monday I worked in closets the whole day till picking the kids up.  I have to switch out summer and winter clothes for 3 of us so I got that done.  The kids had piles of clothes around their room of things that don’t fit, things that will fit next summer, etc.  I got everything organized and packed up clothes they have outgrown.  It was great!  We picked the kids up and headed for a frozen yogurt treat.  The kids headed home with Drew while I went to a doctor for a checkup. 

Tuesday I did actually have to go do something work related.  I had a 5 minute meeting about 35 mins away.  Oh well, it had to be done.  I got back home and I packed my Operation Xmas Child shoeboxes.  A lot late but Drew is going to the processing center next week so he can take them with him.  I also went and did a little Xmas shopping and picked up the kids. 

The kids had off Wednesday through Friday too.  I do not remember what we did on Wednesday.  I think I ran to the grocery store a couple times but I don’t remember anything else.

Thursday we had a lazy morning watching the parade and then headed to Ed and Jamie’s before noon.  We had Thanksgiving with the usual crowd – Bob, Suzette, Ed, Jamie, Molly, Corbyn, Jamie’s parents Richard and Lorrie, Lynn, Anna and Brian.  It was all very yummy.  We spent the afternoon hanging out and playing a game before heading home around dinner time.  Drew and I watched a movie that evening – which was a Thanksgiving miracle because we never watch movies anymore.  

Friday I got up and went to Target to do a little shopping.  What was weird was how quiet it was.  Guess everyone was shopping Thursday night so Friday seemed like a regular day.  I had no one to go shopping with this year so it was the first time I’ve skipped black Friday shopping in years.   The rest of Friday was spent packing up Thanksgiving and doing a quick dusting before getting down the Xmas decorations.  The kids bugged us all day long so we finally got a few out.  Friday night we went to a WF basketball game with Ed, Jamie, Molly, Lorrie, Richard and the Bryant family.  It was Kris’ birthday and he had to spend it with Wake losing. 

Saturday we did more Xmas decorating of the house.  We met Jamie and Lorrie out in the afternoon and took some Xmas pictures.  We came home and did more decorating.  The kids got their little trees up and their big one in the dining room. 

Sunday we had church and we did science projects in the afternoon.   Drew and I got our tree out and decorated while watching another movie.  I watched 3 movies last week which is more than I’ve watched all year!

Thanksgiving Day!DSC_1928DSC_1930DSC_1931
Thankful for my little family!
So excited for little trees in their room!DSC_1955DSC_1956
Dividing up the ornamentsDSC_1958DSC_1959DSC_1960DSC_1961DSC_1963DSC_1965DSC_1967
Finished products!DSC_1968DSC_1969DSC_1970DSC_1971DSC_1972DSC_1974DSC_1975
Xmas picture fun with Aunt Jamie
Decorating their big tree in the dining roomDSC_2049DSC_2050DSC_2053DSC_2054DSC_2055DSC_2057DSC_2058DSC_2059DSC_2065DSC_2052

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