Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Activities

Trying to stay caught up this time.  The activities are numerous these days so I need to do it each week or I’ll get way behind.

Last weekend we worked on Will’s science fair board and we brought it into school Monday morning.  He got called down to talk to the judge on Monday.  He didn’t remember most of the questions the judge asked him.  He remembered the “how much did you do yourself” question.  ha!  I did cut the construction paper behind the papers but he glued most all of it and put it on the board.  My perfect squares did stand out amongst the other 1st grade cut squares.  ha!

Tuesday he suggested to his teacher they go look at all the projects and he saw that he had gotten an Honorable Mention ribbon.  There was a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and two honorable mentions for 1st grade.  He was excited about that.  But we find it irritating.  Shouldn’t they just do a cool project and do a board to tell everyone about it?  Not my competitive kid who said beforehand he didn’t need to win 1st place, he’d be happy with the top three.  That’s making kids do projects for all the wrong reasons.  That’s my two cents. 

I took Tuesday off from work and went shopping with my mom.  I finished up most of the family gifts which was great.  We met at 8:30am and I got home around 6pm.  It was a good day of shopping!

Thursday night Lindy pulled out her 7th tooth.  It was moderately loose.  Doesn’t matter – when the girl wants a tooth out – she gets it out.  When I walked in it looked like a bloody massacre had happened.  Thankfully she had most of the blood in a tissue and the rest was in her mouth.  She thankfully also had the tooth in the tissue so we didn’t have to search for it.  Brother was jealous once again.  In case you’re counting, it’s 7-3, in favor of Lindy.  Will’s other front tooth is loose but he won’t touch it.  I told him I was going to have Lindy pull it! ha!

Friday evening we had our annual UMAR Christmas party at church.  Our church hosts 3 UMAR houses (homes where adults with disabilities live).  It is a fun evening for everyone involved.  We sing and play bells and eat well.  Then they all get a gift.  It’s fun to see them opening the gifts you picked out.  They are all so excited about them! 

Saturday was a super busy but fun day.   Drew was gone all morning and the kids and I took it easy for a little bit.  We were dressed and headed out the door around 10:45am to go see Santa.  We tried a new place this year that ended up being great.  It’s in a fancy shopping center in town and they provide a Santa but you bring your own camera!  Score!  Free Santa pics.   There were maybe 12 kids in line before us so it took us about 20 minutes to get up there.  Neither kid talked too long but I got good pictures.  I’m not sure Lindy told him what she wanted because she was busy pointing out her hearing aids and glasses. 

We left there and headed home for a light lunch.  Lindy had a birthday party at 1pm and I was trying to leave her belly mostly empty.  It was her friend, Ellie, and it was a gingerbread house making party.   It was also a drop off party.  I’ve never dropped her at a party because most parties are at a busy place and there are 20+ kids.  No way I’d leave my kid.  This party was 8 kids and at their house.  I had written the mom making sure she was okay with Lindy and was willing to keep a close eye on her with steps and such.  She was fine with that.  I also warned her she liked to stuff herself and get sick.  Sucks I had to do that but I’d rather warn someone and let them give her small portions of food.   Will and I dropped her off and then headed home and Will did our gingerbread house at home – with Nana.  Nana and Papa were in town and dropped by and she helped Will out.  Usually he has to split his house with Lindy but this year he got to do the entire thing himself.  He couldn’t believe it!  

We all went and picked Lindy up – except Papa – and we dropped Jamie’s birthday present by her house.  Saturday was her birthday.  We chatted for a bit before heading home.  We weren’t there long before we headed back out for dinner with some of my parents’ best friends who were in town.  Their daughter is one of my oldest friends.  We both had Energizer dads and we lived together in  IA, MO, and NC.   Lauren and her son, Quentin, came with Randy and Betsy to watch Quentin’s high school play in the state championship.  We enjoyed catching up over dinner before they headed to the game.

We all parted ways and we came home and we did our annual sleep in front of the Christmas tree night.  The kids were super excited to come downstairs after a bath to see the air mattress set up.  They long for the days of the fold out bed but we make do now.  Drew slept on the couch and I slept in the recliner.  It was fine – except Lindy woke up at 6am.  That was not fine. 

Today we had church and I did some errands this afternoon.  We headed back to church for the Christmas musical.  We enjoyed that and refreshments before finally getting the kids home and in bed.  They will be tired tomorrow.

One more week of school and work and then 2 weeks of vacation for me and the kids.  Drew is off some in there too.  We’re all ready for it!!

The boy and his science fair boardDSC_2289
Is there anything there?DSC_2294DSC_2300DSC_2301
The new smile.  Three empty spots.DSC_2302
And a silly pose. DSC_2304
Her job at the party Friday night.  She took her plate handing out job seriously.
Lindy when she was happy. She alternated between happy and weepy.  I think she was just super tired.  She told us she was worried about our cat Jack.  Say what?  She’s never worried about him before.
Ringing bells with Bec.DSC_2329DSC_2330
Will is a great bell ringer.  DSC_2334
And he is silly
Lindy filched a bowtie off Mr. Manny and thought she was the coolest thing in town.DSC_2336
Will talking to Santa.  My niece, Molly, met me and went with me.  Will told Molly he knew it was just someone dressed up as Santa.DSC_2341DSC_2343DSC_2346DSC_2348
Happy kids with Santa!DSC_2350
Serious decorating going on here. DSC_2358DSC_2359
Ha ha.  Mommy staged a funny picture.DSC_2362
The final product!DSC_2363
Lou’s gingerbread house.  I need to get a picture of her by it.  She wants to keep decorating the sides of it.  She must have run out of time.
Settling in to sleep by the Xmas tree. DSC_2367DSC_2369
This week’s Xmas church clothes

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