Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lindy’s Special Day

We’ve been in Christmas mode so let’s see if I can remember what we’ve done.

Last Monday, the 15th, Drew and I went to Will’s class and we talked about a holiday tradition.  His teacher made it sound like everyone had to do it so we signed up and pulled a tradition out of our butts. We talked about sleeping in front of the Xmas tree and going to see lights.  We also read them a book.  The nicest thing was just being in his class.  I don’t feel like I know the kids very well at all.  We left there and were going to move Drew’s car and it wouldn’t start.  Thankfully Uncle Ed was in the area and came over to give him a jump start.  Monday night I had a family advisory council meeting and we toured the Children’s Hospital.  Which was packed with children.  There is so much sickness (flu, respiratory stuff) going around right now.

Wednesday night we had a couple Drew is marrying over for dinner.  The crazy thing is that this couple was once in our youth group at our old church.  Somehow they have grown up, gone to college (gotten master’s degrees too!) and are getting married.  Doesn’t seem possible.  Makes us feel old!

Thursday morning Lindy had her annual kidney testing.  We started with an ultrasound and then met with her nephrologist.  Nothing has changed with her kidney situation.  Her right kidney is small and not growing.  Her left kidney is growing normally.  As long as it keeps growing she should be good.  I knew she’d have to give a urine sample so I got her a Sprite (her fave) and she sipped all morning.  Our first attempt at collecting urine was a major fail.  I was holding the cup and dropped it in the toilet.  Thankfully I didn’t lose any pee because she hadn’t gone yet.  But then I had to get it out of a public toilet.  Good times.  I made her get off the toilet and wait for me to get another cup.  And by the time I got back she didn’t have to go anymore.  ugggg.  We went back to the room and she kept drinking and after our appointment was over we tried again and finally had success.   Then she had to get blood drawn.  I distracted her but when they stuck her she said “Ouch.  That hurt!” But it was over before she knew it.  She showed everyone for days where they pulled blood out of her.  I took her back to school around 10:30am.

Friday was a big day for Lindy Lou.  It was Lindy’s special day!!  On December 19th, 2007 we finally brought her home from the hospital.  She’d been in three different NICU’s for 143 days but we finally got her home – just in time for Xmas.  We started her celebration day with cinnamon rolsl and Drew and I went and ate lunch with her at school.  Then we also got to go to her Xmas party at school at 1:30pm.  The kids ate and did a craft and then acted wild until it was time to go.  After I got off work I met up with them for her special day activity.  She has been super into dogs all fall so I suggested we get some dog and cat stuff and take it to the Humane Society and then play with some animals.  So we did.  We got some toys and food (and sweet Ms. Martha gave her some stuff to take too) and took that.  We got to play with the cats first.  They had a room where a bunch of them were out.   They were all sleeping when we got there but most woke up after we got there.  Will had a ball playing with this one kitten.  Lindy wasn’t sure at first but eventually did warm up to the them.   Jack (our cat) isn’t a very lovable cat towards the kids and she thought they were all like Jack.  In fact though, these kitties were all super loving.  She finally figured that out and then started trying to pick them up!  After the cats we headed down to see the dogs.  There really weren’t many there and a lot of them were big dogs.  They had one small dog they got out for us to play with and pet.  Snowflake was a puppy and jumped a bit but she really liked him too.  Some other people there were interested in Snowflake so I hope he goes home soon!   We enjoyed our time with the animals.  We left there and went to check out a Christmas activity that was going on downtown called “Christmas for the City.”  Our neighbor is really involved so we found them and walked around.  We ate dinner and walked through the kids area.  There were a lot of people so we didn’t do much but what they did they enjoyed.  We finished the night at Krispy Kreme getting a special day treat.  Per LIndy’s request, she wanted ice cream from KK.  We went to the closest one and the rest of us got donuts and when we asked for her ice cream they told us the machine was broken.  We bought our donuts and then headed across town to the one near our house to see if their ice cream was working – and it was!  We finally all ate our treats and headed home after a big day. 

This girl keeps us on our toes.  She woke up at 6am and was in my spot in the bed when I got out of the shower on Friday.  I had to quickly get her sign and balloons up so when she went back in her room they would be there.   DSC_2392
Special Breakfast for a special girl on her special day!DSC_2394
Lindy at her school Christmas party.DSC_2397
Observing the cats at first.DSC_2398
Will wasn’t shy at all with the cats.  These two were so sweet!DSC_2400DSC_2402
Testing the waters, with Daddy.DSC_2403
Will got this kitten to play and they had so much fun!DSC_2405
Warmed up now!DSC_2406DSC_2408DSC_2410
Checking out Snowflake.  Not sure what Will is doing in the background!  Looks like he’s running.
Warming up to Snowflake.
Sweet girl!

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