Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas–Mimo Birthday Style

We headed to Waxhaw to celebrate Mimo’s 39th birthday and Christmas yesterday.  It was a super nasty drive with the Christmas Eve monsoon we drove through to get there. 

We had a yummy brunch, opened Christmas presents, celebrated Mimo’s birthday, and spent the afternoon playing games.  Real games, not electronic games!  Will said this morning he wished his birthday was today, like Mimo’s.  I told him I didn’t think Mimo would agree with him.  

It was super foggy on the way home.  I was glad Santa could find our chimney!

Yeehaw, more presents!!DSC_2508DSC_2509DSC_2511DSC_2512DSC_2513DSC_2516DSC_2519DSC_2520DSC_2529DSC_2530DSC_2531DSC_2532DSC_2535
Happy Birthday Mimo!DSC_2537DSC_2544DSC_2553DSC_2554

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