Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Baking

Christmas baking is not for the faint of heart.  Because it kind of sucks.

Monday we had a lazy morning in pjs and then baked Christmas cookies in the afternoon.  The kids find this to be a great time but I don’t.  I made the dough up in the morning and we rolled it out and cut cookies out and decorated in the afternoon.  It was just me this year and it was hard to supervise the baking and take too many pictures.  I had to control the flying sprinkles.  We do have cookies for Santa now.

Tuesday Drew and I got busy in the kitchen – making home made cinnamon rolls for the staff at Drew’s church.  I made up homemade dough Monday night – which was a first for me.  Tuesday we made 14 pans of cinnamon rolls.  Thankfully they weren’t too bad and they are pretty yummy – it was just a lot of them.

Tuesday night we had our Eve Before Christmas Eve service at church.  We delivered most of the cinnamon rolls that night. 

Rolling, rolling, rollingDSC_2488
Cutting, cutting, cuttingDSC_2490DSC_2491
Pan for each
Dumping, dumping, dumpingDSC_2493DSC_2494DSC_2495DSC_2497DSC_2498DSC_2500
It’s hard to see, but that is a serious cinnamon roll log if you’ve never seen one!
Cute shirt she wore to church last night.DSC_2507

We have some snot and sniffles going on in our house.  Mostly from Lindy.  She has had fluid in her ears for a week or so now and she”s not hearing well at all.  Hearing aids don’t help much when the fluid is there.  I was hoping she’d get all better and healthy over the winter break but on Sunday her nose started running and she has a cold.  Hoping it just stays a cold and we don’t get that nasty flu that is everywhere right now.  Hoping for a Christmas miracle that we don’t get it!

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