Sunday, December 7, 2014

Frozen on Ice and Xmas Activities

Last week flew by with a few fun activities and a busy weekend.

The week started off busy with staying up too late for Cyber Monday shopping and eating out on Tuesday night at Applebee's. 

On Thursday, Lindy was the star student in her class.  They rotate through so this was her second time.  The biggest highlight was being the flag holder on Eagle Eye news.   We got there early so she could practice with the news crew.  She did better during practices than the real thing.   But she did fine. 

I left school and went to help with the Brenner Children’s Hospital Radio-thon for an hour.  It’s the hospital the kids spent the most time in and I stay involved with a few committees.  I left there and headed to the Hearing Impaired Christmas party for our school district.  I met up with Lindy and Drew.  The party has a few cool things.  For one, she gets to hang out with lots of other kids like her.  Second, she gets to see her old preschool teachers and friends.  Third, she does have fun making the crafts they do.  Fourth, we get pizza.  Fifth – she gets out of school for two hours  - and who doesn’t like getting out of school for a little bit?! That pretty much sums up the party.  There is one other hearing impaired girl at her school who is in 5th grade but she likes to hang out with Lindy.  She is a nice girl and talked to us quite a bit.  Thursday night ended with dinner with Mike and Janice at the ice cream shop.  Five of us enjoyed our time together.  Will just watches tv the whole time we are there. 

Friday we had more family fun at Frozen on Ice.  I got tickets this summer and never told the kids.  We grabbed a quick dinner at home and then headed to Greensboro.  We listened to the Frozen soundtrack the whole way but the kids never guessed where we were going.  There had been commercials on the radio all week but they didn’t guess.  I think they enjoyed it.  We love the music so we all enjoyed that.  We were on the 3rd row and honestly next time I’d buy 1st row for her.  I’m not sure how much she saw.  We had one empty seat in front of me and she was on my lap, but she was still having to look around people.  If we are going to go, I’d like to know she sees something.   It was awesome to hear her sing Let it Go.  She did tell me at one point, “Mom you don’t have to sing EVERY song!”  ha!  Oh yes I do!  

Saturday morning we went to church for a Happy Birthday, Jesus party.  They got breakfast and then we made crafts for a Xmas party this coming weekend at church.  They got to make a couple things and then they danced a bit.  Our afternoon consisted of Will and me doing his science fair board.  We had done the experiment over Thanksgiving but we needed to do the board.  Lindy had also done an experiment but she decided she did not want to do the board and talk to the judges.  I wasn’t going to push her either.  Will and I got busy and worked for a couple hours.  He typed his stuff up, with my spelling help and we started laying it all out.  He was pretty spent after a couple hours.  Ms. Martha from church came over around 3pm so Drew and I could go to a wedding.  Well Drew performed the wedding and I just went to it.  It was a girl from our old church and it was super small.  We enjoyed catching up with the family at the wedding dinner afterwards.  Dinner was at 6:30pm and we didn’t get home till 9:30pm.  It took them a long time to serve 21 people for dinner.  It was at a fancy steakhouse in town and I’m sure they were busy with Xmas dinners. 

Today we had church and then Will and I finished up his science fair board.  We did it in spurts but we got it done.  I’m trying to convince him it doesn’t matter if he wins that it was just fun to do the experiment and show everyone what he did.  He says he will be fine with top 3.  ha! 

That’s a wrap.  Pictures from the week!

Pluto showed up again on Monday!DSC_2159
Cutest flag holder ever!
Helping at Brenner Children’s Hospital
Lindy’s with her hearing teacher, Ms. Rose Lynn, at the hearing partyDSC_2163
Lindy and two of her preschool buddies. Elena needs to share some of her height! ha!DSC_2166
Lindy and Ms. Mary, her preschool assistant teacherDSC_2167
Making crafts
Lindy and Ms. Asbury, her preschool teacher.DSC_2178
Lindy and her 5th grade buddy, OliviaDSC_2170
Lindy and her old friend, Santa!
She was happy to see him!DSC_2173
Frozen on Ice!
At church Saturday for a Happy Birthday Jesus party.DSC_2246DSC_2247DSC_2249DSC_2252
Ms. Martha is always so much fun!DSC_2258
What beautiful children I have – if I do say so myself!
We got to church today and Will and his buddy Dylan practically matched!  Two handsome boys!

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