Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas–Bob Southern Style

Saturday we celebrated our first Christmas of the season.  We got up and headed to GrandBob and Suzette’s house. 

We got there and got right to the good stuff – presents!  The kids all got to go first and then adults got to finally open.  Lindy and Will both got some neat stuff.

Lindy got a fur real friends dog.  It’s a cute little dog she walked all over the house.  She had seen a commercial and had started talking about one so she was excited.  She also got some crazy sand and she intensely played with it that afternoon.  She was in her own little world going to town on that stuff.  It really is fun stuff!

Will got his own set of golf clubs.  Real golf clubs – just his size.  They are so cute!  He loves them!  GrandBob got him some balls and tees as well as some wiffle balls.  They went out and hit some wiffle balls for awhile and he was having a blast.  The driver is a serious driver.  I think it’s as big as his head.  GrandBob showed him a few things and now Will thinks he is an expert.  (We had to have a little talk about letting people teach him stuff yesterday!) 

After presents Drew and Corbyn had to head back to Winston.  Drew had a church service Sat. night and church on Sunday.  The kids and I and Ed, Jamie and Molly all spent the night with GrandBob.  I convinced them all (except Ed who was sick) to go to the Lowes Motor Speedway to see the lights.  I’m not really sure how I did that.  We had fun though –even if the lights were pretty lame!  GrandBob and Suzette took the kids (their idea – not mine!  But I liked it!) and Anna drove Jamie, Molly and me.  The best part of the event – not the lights – was driving on the track at Lowes Motor Speedway!  Pretty cool to be on the track and see how steep the banked corners are.  They had most of it coned off but they let you drive up a little bit and even that little bit felt like you could tip over.  It was crazy!  They had a Christmas Village in the middle we stopped at.  The kids did an inflatable slide and the petting zoo.  Lindy slept through most of the lights at the beginning and after we left the village she fell back asleep.  She didn’t miss much.  The last little tunnel you drive through was the best part of the whole thing.  Saving the best for last!

Sunday morning we all got up and got ready and the kids and I rode with GrandBob and Suzette to Landrum, SC for the extended Southern Family Christmas.  Bob’s brother, Mike, and his wife, Joy, live in the area and own a Thai restaurant there.  They invited everyone for lunch.  It was almost 2 hours there.  We had a great lunch and the kids got to open presents.  About 10 of us headed to the nearby park to play in the Southern Family Kickball game.  Which apparently back in the day was all about the kids playing but now is more about the adults playing.  Will played a few innings before heading to the park area to play with his cousins.  It is always nice to get together and see everyone and see how the family keeps growing.  Not too long ago it was just a handful of second cousins and this year it was 8.  With another one on the way next year.  Fun to see this big family keep growing!   After a fun afternoon we headed back to Bob and Suzette’s where we met up with Daddy.  Poor Daddy didn’t even get to come to the Southern Family Christmas.  It was a 3 hour drive to our house and he wouldn’t have been able to leave until after church.   We had dinner at GrandBob’s and then we finally headed home Sunday evening.  It was a fun weekend with the Bob Southern side of the family.

Before we left for Charlotte last Saturday it was snowing!!  DSC_2426DSC_2427
First presents!DSC_2430DSC_2431DSC_2432
A Paw Patrol game!DSC_2436DSC_2438DSC_2439DSC_2441DSC_2443DSC_2450
Corbyn got an old family dulcimer!DSC_2451
I made GrandBob a book of pictures from his surprise birthday party in Sept.
We went in with Ed and Jamie and got Bob and Suzette new chairs. To replace their bag chairs.  Because the old man can NOT get out of a bag chair.  He popped right out of this one!  It looks like it could triple as a walker or potty chair sometime in the future if we put some wheels on the bottom and  cut a whole in the seat! ha!DSC_2456
Playing with the crazy sand.DSC_2458
Future golfer?  He has dreams of playing golf on TV.DSC_2459
At Lowes Motor Speedway!DSC_2461
Two cute cousins!DSC_2462DSC_2463DSC_2465DSC_2467
Four cute Southerns.DSC_2470
Four of the second cousins – doing what everyone does now – play on electronics all the time.DSC_2472
The restaurant had this stage area in it the kids all played in.DSC_2473
”How much is that cute girl in the window?”DSC_2474
Jackson is such a cutie.  The second youngest cousin.DSC_2475DSC_2476
The second cousin crew!

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