Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow and My Birthday

I forgot to write a blog post this week.  Just plain forgot.  I guess that happens when you get old.  Speaking of old, I celebrated my birthday last week. 

I have no clue what we did last week.  Thankfully I have my trusty calendar to remind me of our goings-on. 

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics and Wednesday Lindy had hearing therapy.  She did well.  She was able to retell us a story with very little prompting.  We have also been working on reading books over background noise.  This week her teacher read her a book while standing a few feet back with a cd playing in the next room.  She is having to learn to block out the background noise.

Thursday I had an eye doctor appointment and that evening it started snowing!  The kids were so excited to see their first snow of the winter.  Will kept talking about how beautiful it was and he said, “It’s a wonderful night of snow!”

We woke up  Friday morning, on my birthday(!!), to about 3 inches of snow.  What a birthday present.  Actually it was more of a present for the kids.  They were the ones so excited about it.  We headed out pretty early and played for awhile.  The driveway was just slick enough to sled down.  Drew took them down the street on the sled a few times too.  They had a blast.  Lindy ate as much snow as she could and enjoyed every bite.  We built a pitiful little snowman with a banana nose and raisin eyes and mouth.  The kids thankfully got tired and we headed inside.  Good thing we went out early because once the sun came out and it started warming up, the snow started melting.  Most of it was gone by the end of the afternoon. 

Saturday we headed out in the afternoon to look for a new couch.  The kids were so excited at the first store but were not nearly as excited at the second store.  The first store we walked in and Will said, “Hi, we are 5 and we need a new couch because ours has rips.”  It was like we didn’t need to speak with the salesman, Will had it covered!  Saturday evening the lovely Ms. Martha, from our church, came and watched the kids so Drew and I could go out and celebrate my birthday with our friends Katie and Kris.  We ate at a restaurant in downtown that none of us had eaten at.  We had a very fun evening hanging out.

Sunday was a regular church day and Monday was a holiday for everyone.  We headed out mid morning for some more couch shopping.  We headed to Lexington to a furniture store and had some good Lexington bbq.  We headed up to Greensboro to look in a few stores and then went back to the first store in Winston we went to and bought a couch!  It had to be ordered so now we have to wait for it to come. 

Monday afternoon right as we were pulling in the driveway, Grandbob pulled in behind us.  He had been in town helping Ed.  We had dinner plans with Mike and Janice at the ‘ice cream shop’ and Grandbob joined us for dinner.  We had an enjoyable dinner with them, although Lindy was wild and Will watched TV the whole time. 

I’ll end there and leave this week’s activity for my usual weekend post.  Hopefully I won’t forget it!

The shirt Will wore to school last Thursday.DSC_0281Watching the snow!DSC_0284So excited for snow!DSC_0282It got so light and weird looking Thursday night.DSC_0286Lindy cleaning the beaters while Drew made my cake.DSC_0289Fun in the snow!DSC_0292DSC_0293DSC_0299DSC_0301DSC_0302DSC_0307DSC_0310DSC_0312DSC_0314DSC_0318DSC_0319DSC_0321DSC_0326DSC_0328DSC_0336DSC_0338DSC_0339DSC_0343DSC_0348Opening my birthday presents!DSC_0351DSC_0354My cake!DSC_0356DSC_0357Heading to church Sunday.DSC_0363DSC_0366Our fashionista and her fashionista dog.DSC_0376This is the couch Will liked.  IMG_1770Checking out the setteeIMG_1772Sitting on the couch we bought – although it will be brown. IMG_1784

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