Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Times in Missouri

We had a fun filled week in Missouri.  Lindy and Will loved playing with their cousins.  They all got along great.  Hayley and Rylee got an air hockey table for Xmas and Will thought it was awesome.  He played every chance he could get. 

Wednesday the kids just played with new toys all day and we enjoyed an awesome prime rib Christmas dinner.  My dad made apple dumplings, a Crozier family recipe, so it was the perfect meal – in my opinion! 

Thursday afternoon my mom, dad, Drew, Hayley and I went to a really cool museum – called the Steamboat Arabia Museum.  A big boat, called the Steamboat Arabia, sank in the Mighty Mo (Missouri River) in 1856.  In 1988, 5 guys decided to search for the boat in a big cornfield and they found it!  It contained the largest pre-Civil War collection of artifacts.  It was so cool to see everything they brought out of the boat.  They found 200 tons of things on the boat and the crazy thing is that they still have 60 tons left to clean and put out.  We thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour and the afternoon at the museum.  Thursday evening my dad’s brother, my Uncle Jim, and his significant other, Brenda, came over for dinner.  I guess the last time I saw him was at my grandmother’s funeral, which has been 2-3 years.  It was nice to see him and Brenda.

Friday was a fun day out but I’m saving that for its own post.

The rest of the trip was just cousins playing with cousins!  Hayley and Rylee got new ride-on toys and they have an old Barbie Jeep so they played outside a few times driving all their toys around.  Amy has a great flat, 3-car garage driveway, so my kids got lots of driving practice.  Lindy did get better about driving but she is still a little crazy!  Will really got the hang of it and was whipping all over the driveway and went four wheeling many times in the yard and snow as well!

Christmas Dinner IMG_1555At the Steamboat Arabia museum next to one of the wheels.DSC_9818DSC_9822The hole they dug to get the boat out.DSC_9828One of the original 5 guys who decided to dig up the boat.DSC_9830Just some of the glassware they found.DSC_9834Just a few of the millions of buttons they found. DSC_9843Some of the 1600 pairs of shoes they have put back together.  They found 4000 total!DSC_9844What the stuff looked like when they brought it up.  It was covered in mud.  60 tons is still in freezers waiting to be cleaned up.DSC_9852DSC_9853The tree that sank the Steamboat Arabia.DSC_9855DSC_9865Lindy loved this setup.  Her sleeping bag on the huge ‘blueberry’DSC_9868DSC_9871Rubbing noses with Uncle Lee.DSC_9878My favorite dessert ever!  An apple dumpling!DSC_9879Playing with a balancing bird Uncle Jim brought the kids (from my cousin Lauree)!DSC_9886DSC_9889UJ and the kids.DSC_9891My dad and his brother.DSC_9892UJ and BrendaDSC_9893Riding in the driveway!DSC_0009DSC_0012The entire time Will drove she talked on the phone.DSC_0015DSC_0017DSC_0019DSC_0024Will talked as well!DSC_0028She tried riding with Rylee but didn’t like it!DSC_0030Uncle Lee on Hayley’s scooter.  Looks just like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber to me!!!!DSC_0039DSC_0040Papa and Will and their electronic toys.DSC_0041Aunt Amy painting Lindy’s nails blue!DSC_0045Saturday night we had a little birthday celebration for the 3 January birthdays coming up!IMG_1657We had a rousing game of Headbanz.  IMG_1667We didn’t even ask the boys to play.  They just came in and joined us!  Amazing!IMG_1671Hayley reading to Will.IMG_1677Nana reading to Lindy and Rylee.IMG_1678Checking out the planes at the airport.DSC_0049On our way home!DSC_0050DSC_0051

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