Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to Life

Back to reality…  I’ve gone back fairly unwillingly but the kids were happy to get back to school this week and see their teachers and friends.

We got home last Sunday night, the 30th.  We spent the 31st unpacking suitcases and taking down Christmas decorations.  We had a lady in our church who has been fighting cancer for 7 years get very sick while we were in Missouri.  Drew spent a good amount of time at the hospital with her on New Year’s Eve.  Neither one of us felt great so we had a very quiet evening at home, reading and watching the hoopla on tv.  We did make it to midnight to see the ball drop.

We spent New Year’s Day in the exact same way as New Year’s Eve.  Drew at the hospital and me unpacking Xmas presents and packing up Xmas decorations. 

Wednesday was Drew’s 37th birthday!!!  The kids started back to school on Wednesday and were happy to go.  Drew wanted his birthday presents first thing that morning, which ended up being a good thing as we didn’t see him much of the rest of the day.  Our church lady was doing very bad and he was at the hospital all day long. (Unfortunately she did pass away after he got home that night.)  I thought I was going back to work Wed. but ended up with another day off, which made me happy!  I got a couple errands done during the morning without kids.  That was nice.

Thursday we celebrated in the afternoon by cutting Drew’s birthday cake and then Drew took the kids out to dinner and to choir practice.  Except they didn’t have choir practice.  Oh well!  They talked to church people and came back home.

Friday I picked the kids up from school and they came back to work with me for just a little bit.  We headed out and ran some errands and then came home and cooked Drew’s birthday dinner.  We did get him celebrated, just a little belatedly. 

Saturday we slept in and then had a lazy morning.  We rode with Drew to the hospital and sat in the car while he visited someone and then we had plans to go to Costco because we got a membership for Xmas.  We left the hospital and the traffic on that road was ridiculous so we came home.  Oh well.  We did get every last Xmas decoration packed up and back in the attic so it was a productive day.

Sunday we had church and then the kids and I went to the mall to get Will a free haircut.  JCPenney does free kids’ haircuts on Sundays now.  Awesome!  We walked down to Sears and then headed out.  We stopped at Staples and came home.  We ate and then we went to the visitation for Debbie, our church member who passed away.  We thought we got there early but we ended up waiting in line almost an hour and a half.  The kids did a really good job waiting that long.  They hugged each member of her family and Will told them, “I’m sorry about Miss Debbie.”  He has such a sweet soul.  We’ve talked a lot this week about Debbie passing away.  She left behind an 8 year old son, and both Lindy and Will have had a lot of questions about that.  Will told me, “It’s just not the same when part of your family is gone.”  Tonight he told me, “I hope God will take care of Miss Debbie in heaven.”  It’s hard for adults to understand, I can only imagine how hard it is for them to understand.

Not too many pictures this week…

Will wanted one more picture in front of the tree.DSC_0052Lindy wanted a picture of Duck and Goose in front of the tree.DSC_0053Happy Birthday old man Drew!!DSC_0069Oh look, more books!DSC_0073Will trying out his marble race set he got for Xmas.DSC_0075Sweater clad cuties!DSC_0080DSC_0078DSC_0082Lou in a cute hand-me-down outfit from my sister.DSC_0083Headed to church Sunday.DSC_0086DSC_0092DSC_0094

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