Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Friday at Crown Center

There is an area of Kansas City known as Crown Center.  It is the headquarters of Hallmark – get it - Crown Center?!  It’s this huge place that has a ton of things to do.  We started out the day at the Kaleidoscope Art Center, a free art center where kids get to play for 45 minutes doing all kinds of crafts.  It’s all paid for by Hallmark.  The kids had fun doing arts, but Lindy had more fun playing in the little playhouses.  She is not a big artsy fartsy girl!  We left the art center and we went through the Hallmark Visitor Center.  It was pretty neat to see all the ornaments and cards they had.  At the end the kids got a recordable story book!  Sweet! 

We headed to lunch in the mall and every restaurant my sister wanted to eat in had a 2 hour wait.  Ugggg.  We ended up just grabbing a faster lunch in the food court.  During lunch my mom’s sister, Aunt Sue, her husband, Uncle Jerry, their daughter, my cousin Kim, and Kim’s daugher, Kylee, met up with us.  They were planning to spend the afternoon with us at Legoland.  After lunch we took a quick spin through Crayola Christmas Land which was a little indoor soft climbing play area.  It was a good way to waste some time while they played and had fun. 

We had tickets at Legoland for 2pm.  Although we waited in line a little while, we did get in a few minutes early.  Then we waited in more lines.  And then more lines.  Legoland was the place to be on the Friday after Christmas.  Once we finally got in Legoland, we waited in more lines.  ha ha!  Thankfully the kids did well and did have a blast.  They got to play in Lego pits, build Lego cars and race them, sing karaoke, and play in a big soft play area.  The coolest part was Miniland where they had replicas of a bunch of Kansas City stuff.  They had downtown, the Plaza, Arrowhead Stadium, and then they had the Wizard of Oz.  That was all really cool, but probably the least exciting to the kids. 

Once we left Legoland, we headed back to my sister’s house for dinner.  It was nice seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousin and to meet her daugher Kylee.  Kylee is so cute!  The kids had lots of fun playing together while we got to catch up.  It was nice to see some of my family on this trip since they all live so far away.

Doing art at Kaleidoscope.IMG_1562DSC_9897You could decorate a piece of thin cardboard and then make a puzzle out of it.IMG_1564He was proud of his puzzle!DSC_9899Lindy making her puzzle.DSC_9901Proud of her puzzle too!DSC_9902DSC_9904DSC_9905DSC_9909The four cousins!DSC_9912Checking out the ornaments at the Hallmark Visitor Center.DSC_9920She was so happy to step in the snow!DSC_9931361 days till Christmas. ha ha!DSC_9937DSC_9941DSC_9948Playing at Crayola Christmas Land.DSC_9956DSC_9957Legoland!  His height in Lego blocks.IMG_1599IMG_1602He’s so cute!IMG_1604IMG_1610Her weight in Lego blocks. It was almost 10,000 blocks.DSC_9966Inside Miniland – Arrowhead StadiumDSC_9975The Plaza.DSC_9976The Wizard of OzDSC_9977DSC_9979Lindy is about 10 months older.  Can’t you tell??DSC_9980Mom and Dad trying to build cars.  uggg.IMG_1624Racing the sad cars we came up with!DSC_9985DSC_9986DSC_9987DSC_9981Uncle Jerry and my dad really enjoyed this bench!IMG_1642DSC_9988DSC_9989Will rocked some Justin Beiber on the Karaoke.  DSC_9991Inside the soft play area.  DSC_9992Having fun with their cousin Kylee!DSC_0002Aunt Sue and Lindy.DSC_0004The Sisters.  Aunt Sue and my mom.DSC_0005

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