Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Bright and early Monday morning we dropped our 1 pound babies off at Kindergarten.  They are babies, right?  I just birthed them last week, right?  No?  How the heck did the last six years go by so stinking fast? 

I’m not going to lie – In the two weeks leading up to the first day I have been a mess.  A complete mess.  Some sadness but mostly I’ve been worried.  I just keep wondering how all of this is going to go for Lindy.  From the first IFSP meeting we ever had when she was born our goal was to get her in a mainstream kindergarten classroom.  Every year we wrote the same overall goal.  We worked so hard with Lindy to get her caught up with her peers.  We spent what feels like a million hours in therapy getting her caught up.  And hot dang – it all paid off.  She is in a mainstream kindergarten classroom.  And I’m totally fretting it.  She got there and now I’m so worried about how it will go! 

I found anything and everything to worry about in the weeks leading up to school.  I was seriously stressed about the playground but I did start feeling a little more comfortable after we took her a few times last week.  She is in the best place possible to have a successful experience though.  We put her in a school that has an on sight vision teacher.  And the vision teacher is awesome.  We have loved her from the first time we met her.  I think she is going to work hard to make Lindy successful.  Her teacher has had visually impaired students before and the whole school is used to visually impaired students.  She is definitely in the right place.  It just happens to be a good school so it’s great for Will, too.  We are thrilled with where they are. 

But all my worrying and fretting didn’t stop Monday morning from arriving.  We got up super early because we had to take many pictures and we weren’t sure how long it would take to get across town with traffic.  The kids got up and got going pretty easily and we got pictures taken at home.  We got to school pretty early for some pictures outside and then we had to wait a few minutes to go inside. 

We finally headed in and got to Will’s class first.  I went in with him while Drew waited with Lindy.  We got his things put up and he got in his seat and started coloring.  I snapped some pictures and teared up and headed out.  I had to suck it up because I still had to take Lindy in!  I went in with her and got her stuff put up and got her in her seat.  I did okay leaving after that.  We headed to the cafeteria for a kindergarten parents’ meeting and then we finally headed out.  I was okay until Drew asked how I was doing and I teared up again.   Then I was okay until we turned the corner and saw one of my best friends, Katie.  I lost it then!  I got over it quickly, though. 

They had a great day their first day!  Drew did the pick up and that was a little long on the first day.  I’m sure that will take some time and will work itself out and get moving faster.  Lindy’s vision teacher walked the kids to Drew’s car.  Drew got them and brought them to my office so I could see them.  They were pretty wound up! 

Here’s hoping for a good year so I can stop worrying!

Kindergarten breakfast!DSC_4191DSC_4197Cool new backpacks!DSC_4202DSC_4219Sweet girl!DSC_4206First day of Kindergarten!!DSC_4230DSC_4234DSC_4246DSC_4251DSC_4257DSC_4258DSC_4259Room 7 for WillDSC_4260Hanging up his backpack!DSC_4263Will with his teacher, Mrs. ByerlyDSC_4264Will at his seat!DSC_4261Next door down for Lindy in Room 5!DSC_4265Hanging up her backpack!DSC_4266Lindy and her teacher, Ms. GradyDSC_4270Lindy in her seat!DSC_4271Lindy and her vision teacher, Ms. Donna (taken at open house last week).  DSC_4145

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Unknown said...

I can't believe that your kids are in Kindergarten either! I remember when you were pregnant with them. My Grandmother, Estelle Murphy, would have been so happy for you guys! She thought so much of Drew and loved that he would visit her often at home and later on in the nursing facility. She always looked forward to those visits!I read your blog often. I live in Waxhaw now and when I see you write about the Dairy O it
makes me want ice cream from there! Your kids are adorable! take care!