Monday, August 5, 2013


The kids turned six on July 30th.  It’s like I gave birth yesterday.  It’s insane they are six years old!  I tried and tried to stop it from happening but they told me every day that I couldn’t.  And so they turned 6.

We got up on their birthday and they got to eat a very special treat.  A couple weeks ago we let them pick out any cereal they wanted.  Any sugar coated cereal they wanted!  Lindy chose Cookie Crisp and Will chose Reese’s Puffs.  They got up and were all excited to eat their birthday cereals, and then neither of them really liked them!  ha!  Daddy will have to finish off the crap they chose! 

We decided to not to do a big birthday party this year since it was this kind of random year between preschool and kindergarten.  We told the kids that instead we could go do something fun and they could each take a friend.  After lots of debate on where to go and who to take, they finally agreed on Bumper Jumpers in Greensboro with their buddies Micah and Claire.  We met them at 10am and they bounced and jumped for a couple hours.  It was mostly a good time.  Claire and I each got rug burns on our elbows and they hurt!  I think Micah got one on his back.  Lindy could do everything but two by herself.  I did both with her a bunch of times and Katie took a few turns with her.  After finishing there we headed to lunch at McDonalds.  They hardly ate because they wanted to play on the play space.  They played for awhile and then we had some ice cream as a treat.  They opened presents from Micah and Claire and then we all headed home.  I think they had fun with their buds.

We got home and we finished getting the house ready because although we weren’t having a big friend party, we were having a family cookout.  Which with all the immediate family that turns into a small party!  The crowd all started arriving in the late afternoon.  We had a yummy dinner if I do say so myself!  Lindy threw up – apparently she didn’t outgrow that when she turned 6!  We took a break for presents and then we did cake and ice cream.  I think they had a great day!

Licking the beater from their birthday cake!DSC_3627DSC_3628They had very different licking styles!DSC_3630DSC_3631Happy Birthday, Buddy!DSC_3632Happy Birthday, Wild Woman!DSC_3634At 4am we got up and decorated their door with streamers.  I was afraid to do it after they went to bed because I was afraid someone would have to pee in the middle of the night!DSC_3633They enjoyed busting through their door!DSC_3637DSC_3638Birthday cereals!DSC_3646DSC_3647DSC_3649DSC_3651DSC_3653DSC_3656DSC_3657Bumper Jumpers!DSC_3658This picture is hilarious.  Look at Will on the left.   I don’t think he meant to go down head first.  He’s not adventurous like that!DSC_3664Awww…it’s actually a good picture of us!DSC_3665Love their smiles!DSC_3669I hope they get married one day so I can show them this picture!DSC_3671Too funny!DSC_3679DSC_3682DSC_3686The mamas got to have some fun too!DSC_3691DSC_3695Love this picture of Micah.  It’s so strange!  He doesn’t look like he is sliding, more like he’s jumping.DSC_3704DSC_3721Birthday party that night!DSC_3736DSC_3739New backpacks for school from GrandBob and Suzette!DSC_3741DSC_3743Thanks, GrandBob… I think. DSC_3746New sheets from Nana and Papa!DSC_3754DSC_3757DSC_3759Aunt Anna and Brian got the kids bows and arrows.  Hmmmm.  Who thought it was a good idea to put a bow and arrow in this girl’s hands?!DSC_3767DSC_3775A new table and chairs from Mimo.  This will be for homework in kindergarten!DSC_3778New comforters from Drew and me.DSC_3790DSC_3792And no one should have gotten them anything but a box.  DSC_3796DSC_3799DSC_3803DSC_3804Finally time for cake!  DSC_3809DSC_3811They love being sung to one at a time!DSC_3812DSC_3814DSC_3818DSC_3821DSC_3822DSC_3827The hit was the bows and arrows!  Will was doing pretty darn good!DSC_3835DSC_3836

The kids had a great day but of course we missed our sweet boy Adam.  Each birthday is a bittersweet day.  I don’t celebrate the day of their birth.  It was a crappy day.  But I think we just continue to celebrate how far they have come and where they are each year on their birthday.  What would life be like with Adam around?  I wonder all the time.  Happy Birthday Adam!

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The Buckley Family said...

Hugs lady! I've been having a lot of sad feelings lately too. So happy for how far they've come but sad for where they're not too. It's SO tough being moms of such special little people!