Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trip to Cary

Feels like I just wrote a post.  Oh wait, it was just on Wednesday.  Not too much has really been happening this week.

On Monday both kids went back to their preschool for summer camp.  This week’s theme was Curious George and the Rocket.  They both made rockets out of their foot print which was pretty cute. 

Will went to summer camp at his preschool every day last week but Lindy just went Monday and Friday.  Tuesday through Thursday she went back to SEE camp.   She did some fun things this week including going to gymnastics and making snack and orange fluff to eat.  They are working on independence at SEE camp and we have heard “I can do it myself” quite a few times this summer! 

Saturday the kids and I headed to Cary to celebrate Rebecca’s 4th birthday.  Rebecca is the daughter of my best friend, Carrie.  We left around 10am and got home around 6pm.  The kids had a blast.  They had outdoor water stuff and a bounce house set up and my kids spent almost the whole time outside.  We did have a small mishap when I was changing the kids into their swimsuits.  I pulled Lindy’s shirt off over her head and when I got it off her glasses were in two pieces.  Uh oh.  It’s the first time we’ve had a pair of glasses break.  It was right at the corner of the frames.  Bryon, Becca’s dad, gorilla glued it back together and we just let them sit the rest of the party.  I got home and coated it again in super glue and let them sit overnight.  So far they have been good to go today.  I think we are definitely going to order her new frames but I’m glad it’s holding together for a little while.   She told everyone at the party I broke her glasses. 

Today we had church and the start of the birthday festivities began.  They had a little birthday party at church with their Sunday School friends and they got a couple presents from church folks.  They were excited to see their names up on the screen before church.  Will would walk up to people and say, “Someone’s birthday is coming up!”  It was pretty funny.  We have some fun plans this week for the big birthday!

BouncingDSC_3457Lindy spent a ton of time swinging on this bar.DSC_3461DSC_3462She swam with Becca a bunch, too.DSC_3465The wet birthday girl!DSC_3469DSC_3472Will, Lindy and BeccaDSC_3474I had just told the kids we needed to get changed to head out and they turned on the slip and slide.  Needless to say we had to wait awhile!DSC_3478DSC_3480She needed a little help from Bryon to get down.DSC_3482DSC_3486Lindy would slide down and then just sit and play in the water.DSC_3487DSC_3488DSC_3489This morning before church.  My almost 6 year old.  Without glasses?  She is beautiful with glasses on but she is beautiful without them, too.  It’s just a look we don’t see too often.DSC_3505My other almost 6 year old.  What a handsome devil he is!DSC_3507I hate to keep bragging…….DSC_3513but these children are BEAUTIFUL, if I do say so myself!DSC_3509Telling each other ‘Happy Birthday!’DSC_3521

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Janice Sizemore said...

So hard to believe that these kiddos are about to turn 6! It only seems like a couple of years ago that they were born. Time flies!!