Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The masses (or two people) are speaking about my lack of posting!  I just got busy doing a project I’ve been meaning to do for 6 months now and hadn’t gotten around to it.  But it is much harder to remember what we did last week when I don’t do my post on the weekend.

Let’s see if I can remember.  Last  Monday Drew took the kids up to the church in the morning and they loaded up all the canned goods everyone had collected during bible school and they took them over to the outreach ministry.  They helped unload all the cans, toured the outreach ministry and then they went with all the church friends to McDonalds for lunch. 

Wednesday evening we ate dinner with Ed and Jamie and Jamie’s parents from Alabama.  They came up to help Ed and Jamie move into their new house.  We got to see the house and then Drew got to help unload a U-Haul. 

Thursday morning we had our family pictures taken in the morning.  I will say things are getting easier with the kids.  It is much less work than it used to be.  Of course, I haven’t seen the pictures yet so I might change my mind!  We went out to the photographer’s house and took pictures around her land.  It was definitely a rustic feel.  We’ll see how they turn out!  I’m anxious to get them!

The kids had a babysitter a few days again this week.  The same girl, Victoria, watched them a few days for us.  The kids have fun with her and enjoy her being here.

We had a pretty busy Saturday.  We headed out early, picking up breakfast on our way, and we met the Bryants at the butterfly farm in High Point.  We got there early to get checked in and then we ate breakfast and the kids played around.  Katie and I took the kids last year but this year the daddies came too.  Not sure they’ll go back but it was a nice Saturday morning.  The weather was gorgeous, not too hot, and overcast. We got to see lots of butterflies.  They were landing on Will’s shirt, Lindy’s shirt, my ponytail, and the sugar pads.  It is definitely neat to see them so close.  After we left the butterfly farm we stopped at the farmers’ market and walked around a bit.  It was pretty neat, too.  We all left there and headed to lunch at Pulliam’s.  It’s a local hot dog joint that got voted in the Top 5 Hot Dogs in the whole country by Rachel Ray.  Bob grew up with the owners and Drew knows them well but it was the first time I’d eaten there.  It was an experience, that’s for sure!  We ate outside on some logs and the kids sucked down their bottles of soda.  We finally headed home and the kids and I started in on making homemade ice cream for the ice cream social at church.  We got everything ready and got it going.  When it was done, Drew and the kids headed to the church and I headed to the store.  When the kids got home I gave them a quick bath and then Victoria showed up again to babysit.  Mama and Daddy were headed out on the town!  Well, really we headed out to the country to hear a summer concert series at a local winery with our friends Wendy and Brett.  It was the most gorgeous night ever.  When we planned this we figured we would be miserably hot, but we were wrong.  It was so nice out and it was such a pleasant evening. 

Sunday was church and cleaning up the house.  I’ve been working on organizing and purging.  Little by little I’ll get the house in order.  Hopefully.

Some pictures from the week…

90F outside and she’s wrapped up in her ‘bed’DSC_3027And here is, “Hey, take a picture of me sleeping.’DSC_3029Friday night popsicles were a hit.  We have never really eaten popsicles.  When I suggested them Will said, ‘What’s a popsicle?”  Pretty sure they are the only almost 6 year olds who didn’t know what popsicles were.DSC_3030DSC_3032The Butterfly Farm!DSC_3033DSC_3036DSC_3046Micah took Lindy up to be a part of the beginning show.DSC_3057DSC_3058DSC_3062One landed on his shirt immediately after walking in!DSC_3064DSC_3066DSC_3073The boys waiting for butterflies!DSC_3076DSC_3082DSC_3085DSC_3088Best buddies!DSC_3103DSC_3104Church outfits on Sunday.DSC_3111DSC_3113DSC_3115

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