Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Days After Turning 6

I took off the day after their birthday to go to the zoo with Aunt Jamie and Molly.  When my alarm went off the forecast didn’t look good, so we decided to cancel.  I didn’t want to waste the day so we decided to head to the Natural Science Center in Greensboro in the afternoon.  They had a new SciQuarium just recently opened that we hadn’t been to yet.  We got there mid-afternoon and we spent a couple hours there.  The best part of the SciQuarium was the penguins, especially the one who was nose to nose with Lindy!  My parents stuck around the rest of the week so my mom went with us.

Thursday I had to head back to work but my parents were around to watch the kids.  The kids’ big birthday present from Drew and me arrived around 10am Thursday morning.  The kids have been sleeping in the same bed since they were born.  It was a crib for 3 years and then a toddler bed for 3 years.  They are exceptionally short for their age so they still fit in it, but they were starting to outgrow it.  The summer before kindergarten seemed like a good time for new beds.  We broached the subject of splitting them up, but Will didn’t want to.  Lindy would have been fine.  But that would have also required us to completely change the bedrooms upstairs and we weren’t quite ready to do that.  So we went to bunk beds!  The furniture got delivered Thursday morning and it took the guys all morning to get the bunk beds together.  I got many pictures during the day and when they were finished and the kids got to test them out.   We went out to dinner that night after work and I finally got home later that evening to see the new beds!  They were very excited about their new big kid beds!  They slept great that night – and every night since! 

The kids have never really played in their rooms.  Except for the times we are in there changing clothes and getting ready.  But ever since getting new beds, Lindy has played a ton in her room!  Despite being a little ticked she didn’t get the top bunk, she is loving her bed!  I’m so glad we got them new beds!

Friday I headed to work again and mom and dad took the kids to their second movie of the summer.  A few weeks ago Drew took them to see Despicable Me 2.  Mom and Dad took them to see Turbo.  Both times they have done well.  Lindy has sat in someone’s lap both times but she has sat and watched the movie.  Nana and Papa sprang for some popcorn and gummies which I’m sure they loved.

Saturday morning Drew left on a weekend youth group retreat.  We had a lazy morning and then we headed out for some errands and we rode over to Mooresville to see the latest progress on my parents’ house.  The lot is cleared and the footings had been dug.  A tiny bit of progress has been made!  We spent some time riding around looking at other houses like theirs and then the house they are going to rent while theirs is being built, and then we headed back.  We ran more errands, ate dinner and headed home.

Sunday we had a lazy day.  We actually played hookey from church – something we never do.  My parents left mid-morning and the kids and I got stuff done around the house.  Well, I guess I did – while they watched a new birthday movie.  We headed out on some errands in the afternoon.  The kids got haircuts as well.  Lindy practically begged for one so I  went ahead and cut it.  We cut off almost 3 inches but you really can’t tell too much.  Will’s bangs are a tad short but oh well. I did it a little early in case they looked bad and had some time to grow out before the first day of school!

It was an eventful birthday week!  A good time was had by all!

At the SciQuariumDSC_3841You could crawl up in one exhibitDSC_3846DSC_3847DSC_3849How funny!DSC_3852DSC_3853DSC_3854The anaconda was just nasty!DSC_3855Touching the sting rays.DSC_3857DSC_3860DSC_3867DSC_3868The Science Center also has an outdoor mini zoo that is neat.DSC_3877DSC_3881Every other time we’ve been the tiger has been asleep.  This time he was pacing and he was so close to us!DSC_3884DSC_3886Inside checking out the dinos.DSC_3891DSC_3892DSC_3893Last night on their old beds.  Drew went ahead and took them apart Wed. evening.  DSC_3894DSC_3895DSC_3896New beds!DSC_3907And dressers!DSC_3912DSC_3913Finished product!DSC_3918DSC_3919DSC_3921DSC_3925Sleeping great the first night!DSC_3927Out like a light!DSC_3928Checking out Nana and Papa’s progress.DSC_3929DSC_3930DSC_3931DSC_3933DSC_3934DSC_3945Sunday afternoon we beat the heat by playing in the sprinkler outside.  DSC_3947DSC_3957DSC_3958DSC_3963

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The Buckley Family said...

Happy Birthday Lindy and Will!! I can't believe our little miracles are already 6, where has the time gone?!? Blessings to all!