Monday, August 19, 2013

Oak Island Trip

We took our last trip before the start of school last week. I’d have called it a Beach trip but we never saw the beach. 

Before we left though, Lindy had an eye doctor appointment last Monday.  Drew ended up taking her while Will hung out with me at my office.  He said it went fine.  They gave us the first real acuity on her – 20/150 (with glasses on).  Up until now they have never been able to tell us one.  I think that is pretty good.  Legally blind is defined as visual acuity (vision) of 20/200 (6/60) or less in the better eye with best correction possible, so she is not legally blind.  I guess that’s a good thing.  I’m not sure what a definition of legally blind would get her.  And not to say that it’s 100% correct or it won’t change.  But for the first time in a long time I thought about the fact that she will not be able to drive.  And that makes me sad.  How is she going to get along in life not driving?  How will she get to work?  It is just a foreign concept of not being able to drive and I certainly haven’t wrapped my mind around that for her.  They dilated her eyes and he said she didn’t need new lenses right now.  Also for the first time ever, he said to return in a YEAR!!  For years we were going every 2 months.  I finally got him to put us at every 4 months a couple years ago.  Eventually he went to every 6 months for a couple years and we are finally at yearly!  Hallelujah!!  Having so many of her appointments as yearly visits makes life SO much easier.  It’ll also be great because we won’t have to worry about so many appointments during school hours. 

Wednesday night I got home from work and we loaded up a few more things and we headed to Oak Island.  We had waffled on where we wanted to spend our last little vacation and we kept coming back to the beach.  Plus I felt like I didn’t get much beach time this year.  One good trip at Memorial Day, but then it rained half our trip to Florida.   I was looking forward to soaking up a few last rays of the sun and summer.   It would have been great if it hadn’t been 67F and rainy most of the time.  We woke up Thursday to rain and it being COLD!  I hadn’t brought sweatshirts or rain coats or anything to keep us warm.  I ended up turning off the air in the house because it was cold.  We finally decided we would ride the ferry to the aquarium since it was raining.  Well, apparently everyone else had the same idea.  The ferry line was backed up for hours.  We decided we would go ahead and drive.  We got to Wilmington and saw the USS North Carolina battleship and decided we would take the kids there.  Drew and I have both been but we both enjoyed it.  The kids did great for about an hour and then got a little tired of it.  I would have thought Will would have enjoyed the ‘maze’ of following the arrows but he got tired of it and just wanted to get up to the main deck.  They liked running around on the main deck and going up to a couple higher decks that didn’t take very long.  It had thankfully stopped raining but it was chilly!  We ended up having dinner on the Intercoastal Waterway in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach and then drove through my alma mater, UNC Wilmington.  The place has totally changed.  There are so many new buildings it was crazy!  We finally headed back to the beach house after  a full afternoon in Wilmington.

Friday we got up and they basically said it was going to rain again off and on all day and be cooler again.  We decided we would try the ferry again and do the aquarium.   Wouldn’t you know it never rained.  It was in the low 70’s, which might have actually been chilly on the beach, but it didn’t rain. I was mad!  It could have been a nice overcast day at the beach.  We did ride the ferry which the kids did love.  They had done it when they were little but hadn’t remembered it.  We saw the aquarium which was fine.  It’s not a really big one so it was about perfect for their attention span these days.  We headed back on the ferry and played a round of putt-putt.  It did sprinkle a tiny bit on us but never very hard.  We picked up dinner and headed back to the house for an earlier night. 

Saturday we got up and did yard work all morning before getting rained out.  We got cleaned up, cleaned up the house, and we headed home.   NOT my idea of a good beach trip!  We have had so much rain this summer.  It is out of control and ruining all my beach time and that does not make me happy!! 

The kids did seem to have a good time and weren’t phased by not going to the beach.  I was pretty upset by the weather most of the weekend.  But on the other hand it gave us a chance to do things we don’t normally do at the beach.  When the weather is nice that is all we ever do.  We hardly leave the beach or house.  It was nice to spend some quality time with the kids and the family. 

We got home Saturday evening early enough for us to get every thing unpacked and put away quickly.  It was not nice to come home and find the cat had pooped on our recliner.  Naughty kitty.  Sunday we had church – which we had to break out some warmer outfits for.  We set a record low high on Sunday of 65F.  Our weather has been so weird.  I was able to go meet my BFF Carrie at the mall and hang out with her for awhile which was fun.  Sunday evening we met Mike and Janice at the ice cream shop for dinner.  We hadn’t seen them in awhile so it was great to catch up. 

And now we are officially in our last week before kindergarten.  Da da da dum……That’s how I feel.

A few pictures from our trip. 

Daddy was playing with Dominoes and built the kids a tall tower!DSC_4035DSC_4036Lindy was so excited about her ‘new sunglasses’ after her doctor’s appointment on Monday.  She is a cool cat, isn’t she?!DSC_4037Caught them being sweet!DSC_4039On the Battleship!DSC_4044DSC_4045DSC_4048At the Gedunk Shop – this one is for GrandBob!DSC_4055Comparing bunk bedsDSC_4056DSC_4057DSC_4058Scary!DSC_4064DSC_4067DSC_4076A big ole ship!DSC_4081DSC_4083At dinner Thursday night on the docks of the restaurant.DSC_4087A bad picture but I thought it was funny.  “Lindy don’t you dare touch your brother”  Look how straight her arms are.  ha ha!DSC_4089DSC_4090Pulling onto the ferry in the car.  He was amazed!DSC_4096DSC_4100DSC_4104DSC_4108DSC_4109DSC_4111Lindy and the albino alligator!DSC_4119DSC_4126DSC_4131DSC_4135DSC_4137Cool jelly fish picture.  As long as they are behind some glass!DSC_4139Will loves putt-putt.  He made two holes in one.  He had just gotten one on the hole behind him in this picture!  DSC_4144

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