Sunday, November 11, 2012

Will’s Homecoming Day

He deserves a post dedicated all to him so here is Will’s special day.

On November 6th, we celebrated 5 years of Will coming home from the hospital.  There has been so much time and water under the bridge that you might wonder why we even celebrate this anymore.  Well for two reasons.  For one, it was a big, big, big, big day for us!  100 days after having our babies, we were finally bringing one home.  We had waited a long time.  In the beginning we didn’t know if we would bring any of the three babies home and on that day we breathed a big sigh of relief that he was healthy enough to leave that hospital.  The second reason is because we think it’s nice for the kids to have their own special day.  They will always share a birthday.  Their birthday is never just about themselves.  By celebrating their own homecoming days, they get a day dedicated just to them. 

This is the first year he got to pick what he did on his day.  Each year we have tried to go out and do something fun as a family.  Something fun that we don’t normally do.  This year Will picked putt-putt as his fun activity of choice.  We played a few times over the summer and he loved it.  I was fairly confident he’d choose that one out of the 3-4 options I gave him.  We had never been to the putt putt course and arcade here in town so it worked out.  Due to a slight scheduling issue we celebrated as a family on the 5th.  We all played one round of putt putt together and then Lindy and I headed inside and Drew and Will played another round together.  It was in the second round he finally got a hole-in-one.  I’m sorry I missed it!  He did tell me all about getting it on hole number 12!  Lindy and I played arcade games inside while waiting and then we watched Will play his games.  They both had fun but I think Will really loved playing putt putt and the games inside.  He was a happy camper when we left! We did eat out that night with the staff and staff parish relations committee from our church.  He told everyone about his fun afternoon.

I tried to make Tuesday, the 6th, his actual homecoming day, special as well.  He woke up to a donut hole breakfast – a definite special weekday treat.  They got to play in the morning and he got his favorite PB&J lunch.  In the afternoon we went to gymnastics (where he told everyone it was his special day!) and then we came home to bake cupcakes.  They both thought it was great fun to help me bake and we thoroughly enjoyed our fun-da-middles cupcakes for treat that night.  We finished the night out by playing the Wii.  He loves the Wii and we haven’t played it in awhile so he was very excited about that too.

He is starting to understand why we celebrate this day which is neat.  Lindy can’t wait for her day.  She wants to do exactly the same things Will did on his day!  I think we can find some different, but just as exciting things for her special day.

It’s amazing how well I can remember his first night at home and it’s amazing how much we love these kids.  Happy 5 year homecoming day Buddy!

Our putt putt adventuresDSC_8105DSC_8106DSC_8108DSC_8110DSC_8111DSC_8116DSC_8118DSC_8120DSC_8125DSC_8127DSC_8130DSC_8133DSC_8135DSC_8136He hit the 50 ticket jackpot!DSC_8141A very happy camper with his two prizes he got from his tickets.DSC_8142DSC_8145The actual homecoming day celebration.  It’s blurry but still cute.DSC_8146Making cupcakes!DSC_8147DSC_8148DSC_8149DSC_8150DSC_8152DSC_8153A surprise in ‘da middle’!DSC_8154Dancing with the Wii!DSC_8157DSC_8159

Check out his homecoming day on November 6, 2007

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