Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful Week

We have had a good week with a few days off and celebrating Thanksgiving.

Lets see how the whole week was.  Monday Lindy had hearing therapy with her old teacher, Ms. Asbury.  It took Lindy awhile to come around to working hard.  In fact I was getting very irritated with her.  She refused to do simple things like repeat a sentence.  She finally got into working and she did well when we did.  We played a new game, HedBanz.  It was their first time but they did okay.

Tuesday Lindy had an appointment with a speech therapist who specializes in speech evaluations.  We were wanting to get information about Lindy’s voice quality because of her vocal cord paralysis.  Again Lindy was reluctant to do any work at first.  The therapist finally took her in her lap and got her to work when she gave her a microphone.  My girl loves a microphone.  Once she started working she said all her ‘ahs’ very well.  She said them loud, soft, and sang when asked to.  It was pretty neat to see the computer ‘drawing pictures’ with her voice.  The results of the evaluation were that she had short phonation duration (although in the end, asymmetrical vocal cord movement, and high pitch.  She said most people with vocal cord paralysis have high pitch.  Although through the testing she was able to determine that Lindy’s range of pitch was actually pretty good.  She was able to get Lindy to go low and high.  She was happy with her range because she said that Lindy will be able to talk with inflection in her voice which is important.  We talked a good deal about a vocal cord surgery which we have talked to our ENT about as well.  I got a very different opinion of the surgery, though, which irritates me.  We see the ENT next month and we will figure out which one of them is telling us the whole story.  We left that appointment and hurried right over to gymnastics.  We got there just as they were starting. 

My parents arrived late Tuesday night around 10pm after ‘a long journey’ (as Will called it).  We haven’t seen my parents since August so we were excited they came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  They took the monitor for us that night and they got up with the kids in the morning and let Drew and I sleep in.  It was glorious!  We had a lazy morning and then we headed out for a little pre-Thanksgiving day shopping.  We went to lots of stores and we ate dinner out. 

Thursday morning we got up and we all headed to Charlotte for Thanksgiving dinner at Bob’s house.  We had a yummy lunch and then we had a big cornhole tournament.  We all drew numbers and so we randomly got paired up with a partner.  The teams ended up being:  Drew and Suzette, Bob and Anna, Ed and Lynn, Corbyn and my mom, Brian and Molly, and my Dad and I.  We had a big tournament and the victorious winners were Drew and Suzette!  It was a fun time.  We all chipped in a dollar so the winners got a small trophy and $6 each.   Big winnings!  Except Bob could only find $11 so really Suzette just took the $5 and Drew got $6.  When we got home that evening my mom pulled her dollar out of her pocket.  ha.  We figured out who didn’t pay up!  Sorry Suzette, mom gave Drew her dollar!!  We headed home and got the kids ready for bed and then Mom and I headed out to Toys R Us.  We got there and had to stand in line for about 30 minutes and then we got in.  Once we were inside things were fine.  The lines weren’t very long to check out.  We headed home and got to sleep around 11pm. 

Then we got up at 3am and headed back out shopping.  We stayed out shopping until about 2pm on Friday afternoon.  My sole purpose in going out shopping was to get as many of the presents bought for the Crozier side of the family.  We are flying to Missouri to my sister’s house for Xmas.  My parents are driving to MO for Xmas.  If I could get all my presents bought before they left they could take them back home with them and then with them to MO.  Instead of me having to ship them or pay extra baggage fees on them.  I was fairly successful with my plans.  I got 90% of the presents bought which I’m happy about.   I also picked up some presents for the Southern side so it was a good shopping weekend for me.  Friday night I wrapped up all the presents I bought.

Saturday morning my mom, the kids and I had another lazy day.  My dad and Drew met up with Bob and Ed and went to the WSSU football game at 12pm.  My mom and I took the kids and we ate lunch out and we did some more shopping for Xmas presents.  We headed to the Wake Forest game at 3:30pm and we froze our butts off.  We even sat on the sunny side (not the side we normally sit on) to try and stay warmer.  It was fine until the sun started setting and Wake started getting blown out.  We stayed until half time and then we headed out.  It was much warmer at home!

Saturday night was a strange night.  We had a completely normal night with dinner, baths and bedtime.  About 30 minutes after we put the kids down we heard Will calling for us.  I went up there and he had puked all over his bed.  He said he was asleep and woke up coughing.  We got him cleaned up and his bed changed and we put him back down.  A little while later he called for us again and he threw up again (this time in a bucket).  I brought him downstairs with me and held him in the recliner and he fell asleep down there.  I also put him in the bed with me and he slept all night long.  He woke up feeling fine.  He acted fine even right after throwing up and he never had a fever.  Very strange.  We were just sure it was the beginning of a stomach bug.  Thank goodness it wasn’t. 

Today we had church and then we started decorating for Xmas.  Slowly but surely it’s beginning to look a little like Christmas.  We put up decorations but didn’t get the trees out yet.  Well we did get the kids’ small trees out and let them decorate them.  They had a blast putting on balls and ornaments and they were excited to go to sleep by Christmas tree light.  We’ll continue getting out our outside decorations and trees this week.

The kids’ classes had a Thanksgiving feast at school on Monday.  Will’s class was the pilgrims and Lindy’s class was the Indians.  .  Here is my little pilgrim and little Indian.  Cutest ones I ever did see!DSC_8737DSC_8872DSC_8745Happy Thanksgiving!DSC_8752The cornhole champions!DSCN1176Guess who got trophies too?DSCN1186DSCN1187Will and Nana had fun playing with the dominoes.  They set up some pretty cool designs and watched them all fall down.IMG_1653IMG_1655It’s blurry but we were all watching them fall down!IMG_1656The kids were all dressed up for the Wake game.  DSC_8754DSC_8757The cheerleader and football player.DSC_8760Lindy stole Nana’s sunglasses at the game.IMG_1660IMG_1661Bundled up but no clue what she was doing.  IMG_1662Silly girl!IMG_1663Pictures with Nana and Papa after the game!DSC_8763DSC_8766DSC_8771DSC_8774Lindy has been talking all week about the spikes on her nose??  We don’t have a clue what she is talking about.DSC_8776DSC_8778She has been very into ‘rubbing noses like the eskimoses’DSC_8781Lindy is a hoot.  She keeps changing my dad’s name.  This summer she started calling him Poppy instead of Papa.  This fall she decided to call him Pop.  This weekend she called him everything from KWC Pop to Silly Kenny.  She had a ton of names for him!DSC_8795Looking cute for church today.  Starting the holiday dress clothes!DSC_8797DSC_8803DSC_8804This girl loves a microphone.  Even if it changes her voice to an elf’s!DSC_8807DSC_8809DSC_8811Decorating their little trees!DSC_8815DSC_8817DSC_8824DSC_8829Think she was excited?DSC_8830DSC_8831DSC_8832The final product!DSC_8833DSC_8840DSC_8841DSC_8843DSC_8844Ending with a funny picture.  All week we’ve had Lindy propped up with an old boppy pillow.  It’s kept her upright while sleeping and has helped her sleep.  One night I walked in and found this!  She had slid down under the pillow.  She looked so funny!IMG_1644

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