Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Rest of the Week

The kids didn’t have school on Monday and Tuesday last week.  A teacher workday and election day I think.  Monday afternoon we played putt putt (see post below) and Tuesday I was home with the kids all day. 

Thursday the kids got to stay for lunch bunch for the first time this year and they were super excited.  Lunch bunch is where they take their lunches to school and stay until 1pm, instead of 12pm.  They eat lunch and play on the playground more.  They were excited to eat with some of their friends.  Drew took the kids to choir practice Thursday night.

Friday and Saturday were busy work days for me.  I worked all day Friday getting ready for the High Point University March for Babies.  Saturday morning was the actual walk.  My alarm was set for 4:55am and Will woke up from a bad dream at 4:15am.  Needless to say I didn’t get back to sleep.  I got to drive my first uHaul ever on Saturday morning.  Thankfully it was a short truck!  The walk went  well and it was a gorgeous day.  It started out cold but was mid 70’s by lunch.  Gorgeous fall day!  

Today was church and the the children’s group at church went to lunch at McDonalds and then to the trampoline park for an hour of fun.  It was our second time there and they loved it just as much as the first time.  Drew and I didn’t jump this time but Drew still got a workout.  He had to fish Lindy out of the foam pit about 20 times. 

Will has had a few bad dreams lately.  One night he woke up screaming and crying because he thought he had bugs in his bed and all over him.  He finally woke up and we checked his bed and then I told him he needed to think of sweet things.  Like cotton candy.  I asked him what he could think of that was sweet and he said, “You.”  Even in the dead of night he is the sweetest thing ever!  Last week he dreamt he had a bee on him and Friday night he had a bad dream about a witch.  I hate that he is having them but don’t have any clue how to make them not happen.  Hope he doesn’t make them a regular thing!

Pictures that I took this week:

One of Will’s new creations. A bridge from the coffee table to couch.DSC_8098CutiesDSC_8162DSC_8163DSC_8436Another Will creation.  He is obsessed with mazes right now.  He draws them all the time and has started doing it now with magna tiles and foam blocks.  I think his mind is fascinating!  DSC_8433DSC_8441DSC_8442DSC_8443The preacher in his getup fishing Lindy out of the pit at the trampoline park.DSC_8446DSC_8453DSC_8460DSC_8461DSC_8472DSC_8474DSC_8488DSC_8489DSC_8490DSC_8499

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