Sunday, November 4, 2012

Working and Coughing

The biggest news of the week is that I started working part time on Monday!  It’s a temporary gig, although it could last quite awhile, at the March of Dimes office.  If you have followed the blog you know that I love the organization and have spent much time volunteering for them.  I am now able to get paid to help them out, which is great!  I have enjoyed the first week – although it’ll take me some time getting into a new schedule.

The plan is for me to take the kids to school and Drew picks them up and feeds them lunch.  I am home soon after lunch.  We got a new high back booster for Drew’s car and only Lindy can ride in it because you have to be 30 pounds and Will doesn’t weigh 30 pounds.  Lindy thinks it is the greatest thing ever.  She wants Drew to drive her to and from school.  Not me anymore!

Monday night I got in bed around 10pm and Lindy started coughing.  A few minutes later I heard her crying.  I went in to find her laying on her back and she had thrown up.  It was all in her hair.  uggg.  She had already had a bath before bedtime and she got another one at 10:10pm.  That girl is crazy.  She was laughing and playing in the bathtub as if it wasn’t 10pm and she hadn’t just thrown up on herself.  She only got upset when I told her she couldn’t wear her pumpkin pjs because they had puke on them. 

Tuesday morning we were up at the crack of dawn and headed to a March of Dimes breakfast.  They had actually asked us to speak way before I knew I’d be working there.  Drew got the chance to speak this time and he was speaking to some leaders in our community.  After he told our story, I brought Lindy and Will up to say something.  Will read his 4 sentences about loving the MOD and how they help save babies and they helped him and Lindy.  Lindy said, “Help save the babies” and added in some super hero moves!  They stole the show!  Afterwards everyone could not believe Will was really reading and they couldn’t get over how lovable and social Lindy was.  Drew took the kids on to school and I headed to work.  I picked them up for gymnastics and the rest of our day was pretty normal. I signed up for treats for Lindy’s class so I spent the evening getting all of that done for her party on Wednesday.

Wednesday was Halloween.  I’m going to do a separate post on that.  The kids got to wear their costumes to school and had parties at school.  We went to the trunk or treat at our church that evening.

Thursday morning I didn’t end up working in the morning because I was going to be working in the evening.   I was working in Greensboro that evening at a large fundraising event called the Signature Chefs' Auction.  I didn’t get home until 12:30am!  Way past my bedtime!

Friday I worked in the morning and was home in the afternoon.  It was our first Friday night in two months with no soccer practice so we took it easy around the house.  Lindy was coughing a little so I put her in bed with me and Drew slept on the couch.  She coughed off and on all night and spiked a 102.1F fever. 

I got up Saturday and decided I was calling the doctor.  We’d gone in 2-3 weeks ago because of her cough but now that she’d spiked a fever I was afraid it was turning into something more than just drainage.  We got a 9:30am appointment so we hightailed it out of pjs and out the door.  They diagnosed her with a sinus infection and prescribed augmentin.  It all went downhill from there.  I gave her the first dose around 11am and by 1pm she was throwing up.  I wondered if it was because she had hardly eaten all day.  Suzette stayed with the kids at home so we could go to the football game.  There was no way we were taking Lindy and she offered to stay with her.  Will decided to stay with her too.  Suzette said she acted great all day until she got tired and she dozed off on the couch.  She said she only slept 10 minutes and she woke herself up coughing and we walked in the house and she had just thrown up bile.  We got her calmed down and we made her eat chicken noodle soup for dinner and we gave her the next dose of medicine.  Two hours later, it was all coming back up.  It turned into the worst night ever.  Seriously in my top 10 of worst nights ever.  She could not stop coughing.  Drew headed to bed upstairs since he had to preach this morning and Lindy and I stayed downstairs.  No position I put her in made the coughing stop.  She was somehow asleep but I can’t imagine it was a peaceful sleep.  I couldn't sleep while she was coughing and I couldn’t just lay there so I finally got up and was cleaning up and ended up balancing the checkbook and paying bills.  I hadn’t planned on being awake at the time change, but I was.   It was miserable.  We finally got some peaceful sleep around 3:30-4am.  This morning and the sunlight came way too early for me.

Lindy and I stayed home from church and Will went with Drew.  I called the doctor to tell them she kept throwing up to see if they could switch her and they said no.  It was the only thing that would cure the sinus infection.  I was sure they would switch her.  I lost it on the phone.  I was so tired I broke down crying.  After talking with one friend who’s an NP and another friend who’s father-in-law is a pharmacist, I decided to get a full lunch in her and try again.  She had eaten breakfast and ate a good lunch, I waited an hour, and thankfully she kept the meds down.  Hallelujah.  She ate dinner tonight and we are waiting another hour.  Although within the last hour she has been coughing a lot and sounds like she is about to puke at any time.  I do not have high hopes for this next dose staying down.   But it is Drew’s turn to sleep with her and I cannot wait to go to sleep.  But more importantly I cannot wait for her to get better.  This has been going on 3 weeks and it’s getting so old.  For everyone – mostly her.  It breaks my heart to see her coughing so bad but we can’t stop it.  Thankfully her breathing is fine and it’s not in her lungs or pneumonia. 

The kids don’t have school the next two days so I’m hoping to see some improvement in the coughing.  If not she is going back to the doctor.  This has to stop.  Soon!

Let’s see if I took any pictures besides Halloween.  Just from Friday afternoon when Drew raked the leaves and the kids got to play in them!

Playing in the leaves!DSC_8070Love these pictures!DSC_8072DSC_8073DSC_8079Riding in the little red wagon down the little hill.  My dad started this 2 years ago when we first moved in here and they still love it.  The wagon was filled with leaves and they were riding into the leaf pile.  They thought it was great fun!DSC_8081DSC_8083DSC_8086Her landing was not so graceful!DSC_8087DSC_8088They got ghost s’mores for treat on Friday night.  A gooey and messy, but yummy treat!DSC_8092DSC_8093I think Will liked it!DSC_8097

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