Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crazy, Busy Week

Wow this week went by fast.  The days went so fast because we were so busy and here it is time again to write another post. 

I worked Monday morning and Drew kept the kids home with him since they were out for Veterans Day.  He brought them to me around lunchtime and we headed to two appointments in the afternoon.  I have been having problems with Lindy’s hearing aids all summer.  I finally got so fed up that I called the audiologist and she said to bring them in and they would check them first.  If they find something they’ll send them off.  Of course they couldn’t find anything.  It’s like taking your car to the shop and it won’t make the noise you’ve been hearing.  But early last week I did switch battery brands and I think that might be making a difference.  This summer I was changing them everyday.  I got a new batch this fall and they would last 2 days – sometimes.  I got the new brand and they have been lasting a week.  And she isn’t complaining about them either.   In the last 5 years of her having hearing aids, we’ve never paid for batteries!  Pretty sweet, but I think I am going to finally have to start paying for batteries.  We left there and headed to PT.  Lindy was in a mood.  She was being stubborn and it was irritating me so badly!  Her therapist was trying to get her to jump and she just wouldn’t do it.  I cannot stand when she won’t even try.  We made it through but I wasn’t happy when we left!

Tuesday they had school and gymnastics.  They had a Thanksgiving theme the kids were excited about. 

Wednesday Drew headed out of town for a clergy health retreat.  I thought I had a babysitter lined up for the afternoon so I could work and then go help decorate a Xmas tree for committee I’m on.  But…I lined up the babysitter for the wrong day.  Drew was gone and Lindy had started coughing again and didn’t feel all that well.  I ended not decorating any Xmas trees that evening. 

Thursday the kids had their annual holiday performance at school.  It was just Ed, Jamie, Bob and I this year.   Even Drew didn’t get to come.  But he was at their school last week setting up for a meeting and the kids just happened to be in there practicing, so he actually did get to watch the whole program!  GrandBob got their early and saved us great seats!  His habitual earliness came in handy that day!  The program was great.  It’s always funny to watch little kids perform.  Lindy acted bored or tired.  She yawned about 5 times.  She spent most of the time watching the teachers who were just off stage.  She was singing and doing the movements but I think she was watching them since she couldn’t see the music teacher down front.  Bob saved the day for me on Thursday.  Bob, the kids and I went to lunch and then I headed back to work and Bob took the kids home for his first solo babysitting experience, EVER!  I told him I’d be home around 4pm.  Around 4pm Drew called to say he was on his way home from Charlotte and I still had a ton to do at work.  Bob ended up staying until Drew got home at 5:45pm.  He cooked them dinner and even had to wipe Lindy’s bottom.  I was so proud of him Smile  Now that we know he can do it by himself, we’ll have to call on him more often! 

Friday was a crazy, long day for me because our final event of the year was that night.  Lindy had coughed all night and she coughed all through breakfast.  She couldn’t stop.  We decided to keep her home that morning.  She went with Drew to the church instead of school.  I dropped Will off at school and then got home at 12:30am that night.  (technically Saturday morning!)   Drew picked the kids up and had them for the afternoon.  Our church friend Martha  babysat them Friday night so Drew could come to the Chef’s Auction to volunteer and help us.  He got home a little after 9pm that night and I got home hours after that.  The event went well but I’m glad it is done.  We’ve had 3 major events in the 3 weeks I’ve been working and I’ve been working more full time then the part time it was originally supposed to be.  Now that they are all over it will go to part time.

One really cool thing happened Friday night though.  After the event was over we were cleaning and loading up our stuff.  The Chef’s Auction was at the Embassy Suites downtown.  Someone came down and said Evander Holyfield was up in the lobby.  We couldn’t believe it but they said he had walked out.  We went on our way and continued to load up and when we came back in the lobby one time he was sitting at the bar.  We went over to talk to him and got our picture taken with him!  We saw the Real Deal Holyfield!!  It was crazy. 

I was supposed to go to Charlotte on Saturday but I ended up cancelling because I was so incredibly tired.  The kids and I stayed at home and were lazy all morning and then I started cleaning up the house.

Today has been a fun day.  We had church this morning and Mimo met us there.  She surprised the kids.  Lindy just stared at her at first.  Like she was speechless.  It was a good Sunday to come since the kids were singing at church.  After church we had a quick lunch and then Drew and I headed to a play at the UNC School of the Arts.  After the play we headed downtown for dinner.  We enjoyed our afternoon out after a crazy week.  We appreciate Lynn driving up to see us and watch the kids. 

Lindy has gotten sick again.  She finished her antibiotic last weekend and then had about 2 days of no coughing.  She started back up on Monday night and got worse as the week went on.  Drew slept with her Tuesday night and I had her Wednesday night while he was gone.  He slept with her Thursday night and I slept with her the last two nights.  She coughed all night most nights.  I called the doctor and talked to her on Thursday and she started her on Singulair.  On top of the crazy week we were not getting much sleep.  She was running very low grade fevers in the evenings and acting like she didn’t feel great each evening.  I know she has to be so sick of this stupid cough.  We are so over it.  I talked to the nurse again yesterday morning and she told me to do albuterol every four hours (I had been doing morning and night).  Last night I ended up in the recliner with her and for the first time all week she stopped coughing.  I slept with her in the recliner until 2am and then I propped her up and slept on the couch.  She started coughing a little so I brought her to the couch with me and she slept well the rest of the night.  It was the first decent night of sleep in awhile.  I felt like death warmed over Saturday after working 14.5 hours Friday and sleeping about 4 hours that night.  Tonight we have her propped straight up in her bed and she has done better so far.  I’m hoping the continuous albuterol and singulair are starting to make the difference.  Her doctor said if she wasn’t noticeably better by Tuesday she’d have to go for a chest x-ray.  Fingers crossed she is much better by then. 

Will has gotten a cold or allergies as well.  His nose has been running and he has been coughing some this week as well.  But nothing like Lindy.  If I find one more snotty tissue in his pants pocket after doing a load of laundry, I’m going to scream!  I guess I need to start checking his pockets but I keep forgetting.   So far his symptoms are just more of a nuisance and he acts fine.

Here’s hoping the next week is quieter, calmer, and free of coughing (and snot!)!!

What we saw all week long – COUGHING.  At least she coughs in her elbow most of the time (even in her sleep!)DSC_8556Holiday program at school!DSC_8561So funny.  “Blink your eyes, everybody, blink your eyes”DSC_8564DSC_8568DSC_8570Bored?  Tired?  I’ll for for tired since she’s coughed all night, every night.DSC_8574DSC_8575DSC_8577DSC_8582DSC_8584DSC_8588DSC_8589After the performance they keep the kids in place and let parents come forward for pictures.  Lou couldn’t see me and kept asking her teachers, “Where’s my mom?”DSC_8595The spectators!DSC_8599Lindy pretending she was riding in an airplane yesterday morning.DSC_8600Today before church.DSC_8601DSC_8608DSC_8613Lots of singing performances this week.  This time at church!DSC_8614DSC_8617Velvet, Evander ‘Real Deal’ Holyfield, and I!  So cool!IMG_1640

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