Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

The kids were Milli and Geo from Team Umizoomi this year for Halloween.  There are no store bought costumes so I had to make their costumes.  Lindy loved hers and Will great to love his! 

Here is what Geo and Milli really look like: untitled

And now I present Will and Lindy as Geo and Milli:DSC_7987DSC_7988DSC_7992DSC_7994DSC_8000DSC_8006DSC_8008DSC_8009

We went to two neighbors’ houses and then we headed to our church Trunk or Treat. The kids had great fun playing games and getting candy. 

Trick or treating at the neighbors’ house.DSC_8015They gave the kids money instead of candy and Will used his shape belt as a shelf to hold the money!DSC_8016Our trunk for Trunk or Treat!  I thought it was cute!DSC_8018Ms. Martha takes Trunk or Treat literally!!DSC_8023Give me something good to eat!DSC_8024DSC_8027Playing games inside.  DSC_8029DSC_8032DSC_8033DSC_8036DSC_8039DSC_8041DSC_8042DSC_8050DSC_8053Lindy weaseled her way into the trunk with Ms. Martha!  She was loving it!DSC_8061Aggg…A monster ate Will!DSC_8063Last but not least…I leave you with Big Hair.  Drew and I were having bad hair days SmileDSC_8064


Anonymous said...

umi zoomi for the win k?

Anonymous said...

How did you make the Milli Hat? It is so cute!