Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Santa Sighting!

We had a pretty normal week with a couple exciting activities.

Monday afternoon Lindy had her yearly neurosurgery check-up for her shunt.  We saw a new PA and she was fine.  She was good with Lindy and she let Lindy do a pretty thorough examination on her after she was done examining Lindy!  I did think it was interesting that she didn’t even measure her head circumference.  She did a little exam and then was going to call it a day.  I asked why she didn’t measure her head and she said after the age of 3 they don’t chart it in the computer anymore because the head grows at a much slower rate.  I guess it’s good to have her checked out but I just feel like she has those same examinations at the pediatrician and other doctors she visits all the time.  Oh well, it’s only once a year.

Tuesday the kids had their normal gymnastics class.  Lindy came over crying telling me she had gotten stuck in the pit.  I’m not sure what that was about.  Mr. Jeff always pulls her out of the pit!

Wednesday we had an unexpected visit by a fire truck and some nice firemen.  Not to our house, but to our next door neighbor’s house.  We went out on the porch to watch and they called over and asked if we had her cell number.  I did, so I called her but couldn’t get in touch with her.  Her carbon monoxide detector was going off.  Her alarm company finally reached her mother who was on the way.  While we were waiting for her mom to get there they let Lindy and Will go up in the fire truck!  How fun and unexpected for a normal Wednesday afternoon!

Friday night we had friends over for chili and Saturday morning we went to our church’s Happy Birthday, Jesus party.  I didn’t realize they would get breakfast and I fed my kids.  They did get a half a pancake and they were happy.  They kept busy during the party.  They colored pictures and signed cards, Drew read them the Christmas story, they packed Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, they decorated Christmas trees for our friends at the UMAR homes, and finally they got to see Santa!  It was a fun little party!  Will told Santa he wanted dominoes and a Connect Four game and Lindy told Santa she wanted a duck. 

It was gorgeous Saturday afternoon so we spent most of it outside.  We got our gutters cleaned out and then hung our outside lights.  The neighbor had her 6 year old nephew at her house and he came and played with the kids for a good while.  We got our Christmas trees down and the kids and I put together and decorated their Christmas tree in the dining room.  It has all their ornaments on it that people have given them. 

This morning we had the Hanging of the Greens service at church and then we came home for the afternoon.  We had more decorating going on as we got up the other Christmas tree in the family room and Drew and I decorated it.   Drew is starting to get in the Christmas spirit a little bit.  I think the Christmas music dance party really helped!!  I think we are pretty much done decorating.  Nice to know that is over with and now I can get on to the all the other things that need to be done this month!

Her kisses are the best!DSC_8878She thinks Daddy’s kisses are ticklish!DSC_8883Checking out the fire truck on Wednesday.DSC_8885DSC_8887Elf in Training at the party at church.DSC_8888Santa Lover at the party at church.  Actually I put these black boots on her for the first time ever and now she is a boot lover.  She is obsessed and wants to wear them all the time!DSC_8889DSC_8892Coloring pictures for the shoeboxes.DSC_8894Daddy reading the Christmas story from the Bible.DSC_8895Packing shoeboxes.DSC_8897DSC_8898DSC_8903Decorating Christmas trees!DSC_8904DSC_8906DSC_8908DSC_8909The kids at the party.DSC_8914Chatting with Santa!DSC_8916DSC_8950DSC_8921DSC_8924DSC_8939Family picture with Santa!DSC_8942DSC_8946Will teaching Ms. Martha some of his gymnastics moves!  DSC_8949ha ha ha.  Lindy giving Santa the offering plate!  She totally did this all herself and we all died laughing!DSC_8955Helping me decorate the tree?  Actually she was pretending her alligator was chomping my tree up.DSC_8967DSC_8969DSC_8970DSC_8972DSC_8973DSC_8979The finished product!  We worked hard on that tree!DSC_8984DSC_8986DSC_8988Today’s Christmas Church outfits!DSC_8997DSC_8998DSC_9000

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