Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Activities

This has been a full and busy week of Christmas activities.  This is definitely a fun age for the kids as everything is so fun and neat to them. 

I helped with Will’s school party on Wednesday morning.  Every party up until now I’ve just dropped my treats off in the morning and haven’t gone to the party.  This time the other mom and I stayed for the party.  We planned a cookie decorating party which the kids thought was cool.  It was interesting to see the different decorating styles!  Some decorated five cookies and some decorated one.  Some loaded them up with frosting and sprinkles and other were more modest.  The other little girl whose mom helped with the party wanted her mom to do everything with her.  Play with her at centers and sit with her during story time.  Will could not have cared less that I was there!  He hardly paid me any attention!  

The kids’ last day of school was on Thursday.  We had a lazy afternoon of Christmas movies and then the kids and I went to a cookie swap Christmas party at my friend Velvet’s house.  The kids were the youngest ones there but they still had fun.  Velvet’s daughters had planned for all the kids to make ornaments out of glue, cinnamon, and applesauce so they had fun doing that.  Her daughters played with Lindy and Will a lot which I appreciated.  We came home with some yummy treats!

While we were gone I had Drew set up the air mattress and sofa bed so we could all sleep in the den (and playroom) by the light of the Christmas tree.  It’s definitely a family tradition of ours.  Drew and I have done it for years and we’ve done it with the kids the past couple years.  Their faces were so excited when they came in to see the airbed.  It was almost like Christmas morning to them.  It was late when we got home so we quickly got on their pjs and got them in bed.   Once they actually laid down they were asleep in 0.5 second!  They had fun playing on the bed the next morning before we finally cleaned it all up.

Friday was our day of Christmas baking.  We had plans to make apple butter for the staff of Drew’s church and for the kids’ Sunday school teachers.  Drew was peeling apples with the apple peeler/corer/slicer and I was getting everything ready in the crock pot.  Things took a drastic turn when Drew tried to cut his finger off with the apple peeler/slicer/corer.  He really gashed two fingers, with one being much worse than the other.  Thankfully no apples were harmed in the accident and the apple butter did not have chunks of finger in it Smile It was debatable if he needed stitches or not, we really didn’t know.  He decided against going anywhere so I have been playing nurse Jamie for the last few days.  Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, applying neosporin, and changing bandaids.  The good news is that he is going to make it and the apple butter did turn out good.

After the apple butter incident, the kids and I made Christmas cookies.  Whoever said Christmas baking is fun hasn’t done it by yourself with two five year olds who are short on patience and long on impulsivity.  (With a mama short on patience too!).  I thankfully cut the recipe in half and they each got to make one pan of cookies to snack on and to give to Santa.  We can’t give any of these cookies out as Lindy managed to touch every utensil to every part of her face, and blow on the batter and the sprinkles. Although I found it incredibly stressful, the kids had a blast.  Even though Lindy fell off her stool twice.  We made the dough from scratch, rolled it out, cut out shapes and decorated and finally baked them.  We now have cookies for Santa that do actually taste really good.

Decorating his cookie at his school Christmas party.DSC_9309DSC_9310DSC_9312His reaction to seeing the airbed in the living room!DSC_9355Lindy’s reaction (a little harder to see).DSC_9356So excited!DSC_9359Another excited kid!DSC_9361DSC_9366The view from their bed.DSC_9370Two very excited kids!IMG_1720Sleeping kids are the sweetest things ever!DSC_9375Time to make the cookies!DSC_9376DSC_9378Trying to cut in the butter.DSC_9379DSC_9380Mixing up the eggs.DSC_9381DSC_9382Rolling out the dough.DSC_9383DSC_9384Cutting out the cookies.DSC_9387DSC_9388All cookies cut out!DSC_9390Ready, set, decorate!DSC_9391DSC_9394Finished decorating!  Time to bake them!DSC_9396DSC_9397DSC_9398My ‘Certified Cookie Taster’ and ‘Mom’s Little Cookie Taster’DSC_9400DSC_9402DSC_9403Ready to try out their cookies!DSC_9405DSC_9408

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