Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas with Bob and Suzette

Saturday we had Christmas with Bob and Suzette.  Because of some scheduling conflicts we actually had Christmas at Ed and Jamie’s house, instead of at Bob and Suzette’s house.  We had a yummy brunch and then we exchanged presents with them.

The kids got some fun new stuff to play with.  Will is really loving the game Kerplunk that he got and Lindy is loving the new sparkly sequined fedora they got her. 

We hung out for most of the afternoon before heading back to our house for a little rest.  We all met up again for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then our family, Bob and Suzette, and Anna and Brian piled in the mini van and headed to A Pilot Mountain Christmas.  It’s another tradition we do each year.  None of the others had ever been with us so it was fun they got to experience it as well.  And it was neat they got to see the kids experience it because it’s pretty ridiculously cute to see them so excited and saying “Wow” a lot.  When we drove up Will said, “Oh my goodness gracious.”  The craziest part of the whole thing is that you are in someone’s yard.  You walk through their backyard.  It’s awesome they do it for everyone to traipse through their yards! 

We had a very fun family day with Bob and Suzette!


DSC_9457Will beating GrandBob in Connect Four.DSC_9459DSC_9461A Pilot Mountain Christmas!DSC_9471Santa was in Pilot Mountain!!DSC_9473DSC_9479One reason I love going there is because everything is close enough for Lindy to see!DSC_9483DSC_9486DSC_9488DSC_9490Our family – with a darkened out Lindy!DSC_9493A couple of lovebirds – and a Lindy who backed up into the picture!DSC_9500DSC_9501DSC_9503DSC_9505Looking good Brian!DSC_9506DSC_9507DSC_9508Before church on Sunday before GrandBob and Suzette left.DSC_9510DSC_9511My beautiful babes in their Christmas outfits!DSC_9516DSC_9523DSC_9530Drinking out of some cool straws Ms. Callie sent them!DSC_9532DSC_9534Our family after Christmas Communion last night.DSC_9538

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