Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas with Mimo and Mimo’s Birthday!

Today we headed to Waxhaw for Christmas and Birthday celebrations with Mimo.  Mimo looks awesome for 42 years old!

We had another yummy brunch prepared by young Anna Southern (although her days in the 20’s are ticking away very fast!).  We had Christmas celebrations and then we had cake and birthday celebrations. 

We had some fun family Catch Phrase going this afternoon.  Both teams won so everyone was a winner today.  We are very glad Aunt Jamie’s head didn’t explode when the Catch Phrase gizmo kept buzzing as soon as it got handed to her!

Will got some fun gifts from Mimo.  He got a cool marble race track he can build and he got a talking globe.  Will is very into maps and learning places on the map.  I think he’ll have fun learning new places with the globe.  Aunt Anna got him a globe leap pad game and Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed got him an Angry Birds game he was having fun with.

Lindy got her first American Girl doll today and she named her Wendy!  The coolest part of the doll is that she came with chestnut blond hair (the closest we could get to Lindy’s hair), blue eyes, pink glasses and pink hearing aids!  How cool is that?  The hearing aids are drilled in her head but I might have to glue the glasses on.  It’s almost like living with Lindy again when she took her glasses off a million times a day.  I’ll be shocked if we don’t lose them!  I just love that she has a doll like her!  Way to go American Girl for having hearing aids and glasses!  Mimo got Lindy an outfit similar to what Wendy is wearing.  Lindy’s favorite part is most definitely a new pair of tan boots!  She has definitely become a boot fan!  Aunt Anna got Lindy another outfit for her doll and Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed got her a new pirate game. 

DSC_9546DSC_9548DSC_9550Meet Wendy – Lindy’s new doll!DSC_9555DSC_9557DSC_9559She hugged Mimo and said, “Thank you Mimo” after opening her boots!DSC_9562DSC_9568DSC_9569It was a very happy and booky Christmas for Drew.DSC_9576A thumb war game between Ed and Corbyn.DSC_9580Happy Birthday Mimo!DSC_9583DSC_9590DSC_9592A reenactment of 2009.DSC_9597The picture from 2009! (Will was so little!)DSC_0437DSC_9600DSC_9603Southern SiblingsDSC_9605Southern Siblings with their MamaDSC_9608
When we got home we had dinner, took baths and then got ready for Santa to come.  The kids each picked out a cookie for Santa and then we put the reindeer food the kids had made at school out in the yard.  One is already asleep and one is still awake right now! 
Taking cookies to the fireplace!DSC_9614Taking the milk to the fireplace!DSC_9615DSC_9616DSC_9617DSC_9618Milk and cookies for Santa!DSC_9623DSC_9624DSC_9627Reindeer food in the front yard.  (No clue what is up with these pictures.  Is my lens that dirty??) DSC_9632DSC_9634DSC_9637

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