Sunday, December 16, 2012

Church Filled Weekend

Holy Busy Weekend!  I can’t remember the last time we were on the go the entire weekend.  One thing right after another all weekend long.

Backing up to Monday…Lindy had PT with Jill.  Jill thought she actually looked really good on Monday.  The best she has seen her look in awhile.  Walking just like she is supposed to.  Right now she has a shoe insert on her right foot and a high brace on her left foot.  Jill went looking through old braces and found a lower brace for Lindy to try out.  The odd thing about it is that it is exactly like her braces.  Same exact clear plastic and pink foam.  No other colors at all.  It’s like it was made for her!  Jill tried it out on her and she continued doing really well.  She ran up and down the hall in it and didn’t trip at all.  She was jumping well too that day.  Jill let us have the brace and said to let her wear it in the afternoons.  Let’s hope she continues to do well with the lower brace.

Right after PT we headed next door and got new ear molds made.  A new girl made them so we’ll see how they come out.  We used to have so much trouble getting good ear molds made.  Fingers crossed she got them on the first try and we won’t have to keep remaking them. 

Tuesday was a normal day with gymnastics.  They had it all set up for Christmas with a bunch of blow up things and a Santa sleigh.  The kids would get in the sleigh, put on a Santa hat and shake the reins.  Every time I looked, Lindy was on the sleigh.  I’m not sure she moved from the sleigh the entire circuit!  I wish I had my camera with me that day!

They switched things up this week at church and we had choir practice on Wednesday night.  They were getting ready for a weekend of singing at church.

Thursday evening we had a little family outing.  We had to run a quick errand around dusk so we told the kids we were going out to look at Christmas lights.  I’m not sure Lindy can see the lights, although she says yes when we ask her, but Will saw each and every Christmas light we passed on the way.  He yelled “Christmas lights” every time we passed lights!  We had dinner out at Steak-n-Shake and got milk shakes after dinner.  I had read in the paper about a house in Walkertown that had 35,000 lights so we headed out to find it.  I will say we were quite disappointed when we actually found the house.  But we were out as a family, with milkshakes, so it was okay.  We headed home and both kids fell asleep on the way. 

Friday evening started off the crazy weekend.  Our church had a UMAR Christmas party.  UMAR is an organization for adults with developmental disabilities.  We had dinner, the kids’ choir sang, we rang hand bells together, sang carols, and then gave out Christmas presents.  I think everyone had a good time celebrating Christmas together.

Saturday we had our first Christmas with the Southern side of the family.  We had a yummy lunch, presents for the youngest kids, and then the annual Southern Family kickball game.  It was a fun afternoon of family fellowship.  We got to meet the newest member of the Southern Family, 6.5 week old Autumn.  Lindy was so intrigued by Autumn.  The kickball game was a good one.  I’m happy to say I was on the winning team!!!  It was tied going into the last inning and our team was last at-kick (is that a word?).  Drew kicked a walk-off homerun and won it for us.  He is still reveling in his glory of winning the game! 

We left Joan’s house and we came home for a quick dinner and bath for the kids and then it was back up to the church for the youth Christmas play.  The kids’ choir sang again at the beginning of the play.  We are struggling a bit with Lindy when it comes to her playing around at times she shouldn’t be.  Sometimes I think I’m too hard on her but I just feel she needs to learn when it’s appropriate to play and when it’s not.  She needs to learn to be able to sit quietly for a little bit.  We are struggling with her being quiet in church.  All small things in the grand scheme but things we are really going to be working on.  The Christmas play was very good but it was another late night out for the kids.

This morning we had church and the kids did a small program during the service.  The kids’ choir sang and then they did a little thing where a bunch of the kids read different passages.  Will did great reading his passage!  He was the littlest one up there reading!  After church the kids of the church ate lunch together and then baked cookies for some of our local shut-ins.  We  headed home to change clothes and then it was back to the church for Christmas caroling.  Unfortunately the weather was not great for caroling this afternoon (it was raining).  We had a group of almost 30 people that went to two nursing homes and then we went back to church for a little 21st century Christmas caroling.  We piled in Drew’s office and called a list of people and sang them carols over the phone!  Not quite the same but we hope it still brought cheer to people!  Our last stop was at a house just down the road from the church and the lady who has been visiting our church and her family fixed refreshments for us.  It was a nice way to end the night. 

It was a busy busy busy weekend.  But a good one and a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Pictures from our week -

I don’t know what she is doing but she rarely just sits around doing nothing.  Had to capture the moment!DSC_9111Xmas Rocks and Santa Rocks!DSC_9116DSC_9120A real mama.  Apron and chef’s hat and a baby strapped on her chest.  Multitasking mama!DSC_9123First Christmas presents!DSC_9124DSC_9126DSC_9128DSC_9131The kickball game.  Look at that old man kicking the ball!DSC_9138The winning team!  DSC_9147The whole gang!  Missing some but still quite a crew.DSC_9150Baby AutumnDSC_9154There is no telling what Mike was telling her!DSC_9157The next generation of Southerns!DSC_9158Some of my favorite girls ever.  Can’t you just feel their love for me?DSC_9164The Southern ‘kids’.DSC_9170Lindy sweet talking John.DSC_9171This is one of Joan’s dogs.  Silas is HUGE!  I think the best part of the picture is Lindy on the left side!DSC_9174Heading out to the play Saturday night in an adorable outfit!DSC_9182DSC_9186Will looked spiffy too!DSC_9188Another cute dress for church today.DSC_9196Good-looking kids!DSC_9197Love this picture!!DSC_9203Singing at church.DSC_9207She fantasized about that mic the entire time she was up there, when she should have been singing.  She wanted it so bad.  She kept looking at me and I’d tell her no.  DSC_9210Little man reading his part!DSC_9211Looking cute but not singing like she should have been.DSC_9213The whole group. DSC_9216Rolling cookies after church. DSC_9217DSC_9219A pretty decent picture of us at church today.  Thanks, Martha!DSC_9226Caroling this evening.DSC_9230DSC_9232Caroling over the phone in Drew’s office at church.DSC_9236Singing his heart out!DSC_9241

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Connecticut.  What a sad weekend.  It’s hard to imagine dropping your kids off at school in the morning and them not coming home.  It’s heartbreaking to see the pictures of the kids that are being released.  They were all so sweet and innocent.  And the teachers were so brave.  Just a tragic situation from a senseless act of violence. 

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