Monday, April 30, 2012

I Forgot

I totally forgot to write a blog post last night.  I usually do it on Sunday nights and it never crossed my mind last night.  I was all set to watch the Amazing Race and the season finale of the Good Wife (which we have discovered in the last couple months is a great show) and I forgot!

Let me flip the calendar back to April and see what we did last week.  Not much compared to the couple weeks before this!  Tuesday the kids had gymnastics.  Lindy seemed to be listening a bit better.  Maybe?  Wednesday was music class and the kids had to bring a stuffed animal.  Of course they chose Spot (Will) and Mr. Quackers (Lindy).  Thursday evening Drew took them to choir practice at church.  Friday afternoon we headed out to the Children’s Home with Katie, Micah, and Claire.  We were going to get some strawberries but they were closed.  Instead we played with the farm animals. 

Friday evening we had a babysitter, Jennifer, come watch the kids while Drew and I went to a chopped birthday party for our friend Duncan.  You know the show Chopped on tv?  When we RSVPed to the party we had to send in four ingredients.  Then Meredith sent us back four ingredients and told us whether to make an appetizer, entrée, or dessert.  We had to make an entrée that included chicken, brown sugar, pomegranate, and rice.  That evening we tried all the food and then gave ratings based on creativity, taste, and presentation.  We didn’t win.  Oh well.  I couldn’t find pomegranates (they aren’t in season) so we went with pomegranate juice.  It was a fun party and definitely something different!

Saturday afternoon we ventured out to the Earth Fair but it was a little chilly and the kids (and myself, ha!) weren’t really into the exhibits.  I love the Earth and recycling but I’m not into putting solar panels on my house right now!  We checked it out and headed home.  We then got ready and headed to the Relay for Life that our church takes part in.  We spent a couple hours out there with a huge group from our church.   It was a fun atmosphere and the kids had a blast playing around.  We finally headed home for baths and bedtime.

Sunday was a regular church day but we did have a lot of fun playing in the backyard after the kids’ nap.  We had a kickball game and we played soccer.  Drew and I had fun, as well as the kids.  

So that was last week.  Here is the week in pictures.

I had her hair so cute this day.  I had two braids on each side leading back to one big ponytail.  She ripped one of the braids out before we even pulled out of the driveway to go to school.  Mommy was not happy!DSC_2720Modeling the San Francisco shirts we got them while on vacation. DSC_2734Feeding the goats.IMG_0796IMG_0800Petting the horses.IMG_0805IMG_0806Will loves drawing mazes these days.DSC_2736Playing at the Relay for LifeDSC_2737Playing catch – maybe for the first time ever with a real ball and glove.DSC_2741Go Martha Go!DSC_2742Lindy was busting a move!DSC_2743Lindy decided Pat was sick and she gave her a very thorough examination.  She just happened to be carrying a flashlight in her purse!  DSC_2745Will worked and worked at the hula hoop and was actually doing it a little by the time we left.  DSC_2746Church clothes on Sunday.DSC_2750DSC_2758DSC_2763This is when I told them NOT to smile.  Impossible!DSC_2764

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