Sunday, April 22, 2012

March of Dimes 2012

On Saturday we marched for babies with the March of Dimes in our local walk.  Last year we were so sad to have the walk cancelled because of thunderstorms but this year we had the most gorgeous day to walk!  There had been some threat of rain so I was thinking it would at least be cloudy.  We ended up with the best blue skies and it turned out hot! 

As well as walk and fundraise, I help plan the entire walk day activities.  I’m the chairman of the committee actually.  We have been planning this walk since January and I think it was the best one I’ve ever walked in.  I really think all of our meetings really paid off.  We had great performances before the walk, a great walk, and then great performances after the walk.  I think my favorites things were the zumba warm-up and we had African drummers welcoming people as they came back into the walk.  They were awesome!  We had some characters who made appearances and were big hits with our kids.  DJ Lance Rock, Captain Jack Sparrow and our local baseball mascot, Bolt, were all there.  Lindy talked  to all of them.  She was shocked to see DJ Lance Rock and she told the pirate that she was a pirate on Halloween.  Will got his picture taken with DJ Lance Rock but didn’t want to with the pirate and Bolt.

Once again our team did an awesome job raising money for the March of Dimes.  As of right now, we’ve raised $5305!   Awesomeness!  I do know of more money coming in as well though.  I believe I (well, Drew and I) was the top fundraising person with over $4000.  We did get beat this year on the top team though.  We came in 2nd.  It’s hard to be too upset though.  We still raised a bunch of money and I’m really happy with that!  Another fun and surprising award I got was a new volunteer extraordinaire award for my hard work in planning the walk.  I have worked really hard but I enjoy it!

We appreciate everyone who donated money to us and we appreciate those who joined our team and walked with us.  We had the old standbys, Bob (Suzette was sick), Lynn, Ed and Jamie, and then we had some new folks walk with us.  We had some folks from our new church and then some new friends we’ve made in the past year.  It was lots of fun having everyone there with us, helping save babies!! 

We are thankful for the March of Dimes and the lifesaving medicines they supported that did in fact save Lindy and Will’s lives.  Had Adam have had more amniotic fluid in the womb, it could have saved his life.  Unfortunately his lungs could not develop without amniotic fluid.  Therefore we support an organization that tries to prevent prematurity and infant mortality.   We walked for our miracle preemies and their brother, Adam, who we miss dearly.

Our first time having the walk at Corpening Plaza in downtown WS.  It was a perfect and beautiful day!dsc_2714-1A couple of March of Dimes miracles.DSC_2637Heavenly Hands, a group from our church, performing.DSC_2641The Million Dollar Babies Team.  From left to right, Sierra, Dana, Missy, Lynn, Bob, Jessica, Maggie, Me, Drew, Jeff, Lindy, Will, Martha, Linda, Jamie, Ed, Leigh, Paige, Connor and Natalie. And we were actually missing one other family.DSC_2645DSC_2647Katie and I.  Katie became a traitor on me last year and joined Kris’ work team.  She is on the committee with me and did so much to help this year!DSC_2650The Bryant family and our friend Ryan.DSC_2653The Miracles Board.  I somehow missed a picture of the angel board.DSC_2655DSC_2656Marching for Babies!DSC_2658Leigh and her crew.  She brought her 3 kids by herself.  Impressive!DSC_2662Finally found my friend Robin, her sister and her 7 month old triplets!  DSC_2667The blow pop crew!DSC_2668DSC_2670Putting Jeff to work.DSC_2671The African drummers on the way back.DSC_2675DJ Lance Rock was rocking out!DSC_2677DJ Lance, DJ Lance, DJ Lance Rocks!DSC_2684A group of misfits.  Ed, Kris, Ryan, and Drew.DSC_2686DSC_2689Jamie and LynnDSC_2691Bolt from the Winston-Salem DashDSC_2693This cracks me up!DSC_2695Lindy and a real pirate :) DSC_2696Look at those sweet chunks of baby!  She carried them to like 34 weeks!  DSC_2698Our family with Leigh and kids.  The kids go to gymnastics with Paige, her middle child.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her this year!DSC_2701Lisa and I – old friends from high school.  We’re missing Wendy in our yearly picture!DSC_2703

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