Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We had a staycation this year for spring break.  With spring break the week before Easter, there was no way we could go anywhere.  Drew is a pastor.  The week before Easter is his busy week – like the week before April 15h for accountants.  Even though we stayed around here all week, it was still nice to not get up and have to get the kids to school.  We were able to stay up late and sleep in late.

We had one fun day and then the rest of the week was way busy for me.  The kids have watched more tv and played more Leap pad this week, but hey, it’s spring break.  The rules were a little lax this week!

Monday Lindy had physical therapy in the morning.  We casted new braces for her.  She got good news and bad news.  Her right foot/ankle is looking so good that we went to a very low type brace that can pretty much just stay in her shoes.  It doesn’t come up around her ankle at all.  Great news for her right foot.  But the bad news for her left foot is that we made her a high brace.  That girl has gone back and forth from low to high on the left side.  Lindy’s PT will probably give me a low brace leftover from another kid to use as well but right now she just needs the high brace.  She is making it as flexible as possible.  The girl is still walking on her toes.  When she slows down and thinks about it she walks correctly.  But how often does she do that?  Practically never.  She is always running around and I’m sure not thinking about her feet.  We will pick them up at the end of the month.

Tuesday was our busy and fun day of the week.  The kids and I headed out early morning and we did all our grocery shopping for the month.  After lunch we surprised the kids by taking them to their second movie at a movie theatre.   We went and saw the Lorax.  I thought it was really cute.  Lindy did pretty good. We sat on the second row and she seemed to see things.  I think a big problem is probably how fast things move on the screen.  I’m sure she loses things when they go by quickly.  The movie wasn’t so bad but some of the previews were so fast!  After the movie we went home and we made some dinner and then we headed back out again for a Wake Forest baseball game. It was perfect weather for the game and we enjoyed all three innings we stayed for.  We would have stayed longer but a storm was brewing and we saw lightning so we headed out.  We weren’t 5 minutes from the stadium and it started raining.  So glad we didn’t get caught out there in a downpour!  Hearing aids and rain don’t mix.

Wednesday was another busy day for us – but not the kids.  I volunteered to make 60 – yes that’s right, 60 – tent weights for the March of Dimes walk.  We needed a good way to weigh down the pop-up tents that they use.  We found a way online that used PVC pipe and cement.  I talked Bob (my father-in-law) into coming up to help me get started this week.  He came up Wednesday and we did 40 of the 60 tubes!  I had all the tubes ready to go so all we really had to do was mix the cement with water and put it in the tubes.  Bob was the official mixer and Drew and I filled tubes.  Then I had to leave and go for a meeting and they kept working on them :)  I brought lunch back with me and then we did some more after lunch.   My dad is going to help me finish the other 20 this weekend.  Sure do love my hubby, father-in-law and father for helping me out with my project!!

The rest of our week was spent cleaning the house since we had company coming.  The kids got lots of good playtime in and discovered toys they hadn’t played with for awhile. 

Friday afternoon my parents pulled in the driveway for Easter weekend!  The kids were so excited to see them.  We dyed Easter eggs this evening with Nana.  Lindy dropped her first egg on the ground (by accident) and then the second one on the table.  We started off well!  It got much better after that but they were both determined to make a mess!

This morning we got up and my dad, Drew and I finished up the 20 cement filled tubes.  My dad bought these little flower box kits for the kids and so the kids got to hammer the nails in.  Their first real hammering and building experience.  Will  has been talking about building houses with Papa when he is 10 so this was his first chance to try it out!  Mom, Dad, and I headed out to run some errands in the afternoon and then we ate dinner out.  We got the kids in bed and then Mama and Nana Easter Bunny went to work! 

Getting new braces made.IMG_0684Watching the Lorax on TuesdayIMG_0685He sat up so straight until we told him to scoot back and he could lean on the seat.IMG_0686At the baseball game, before we got rained out.DSC_1440DSC_1442DSC_1444DSC_1454DSC_1456Drew was wearing Will around his neck like a scarf.  I thought he looked like one of those scarves made out of fox fur that still has the fox head attached to it!DSC_1460I found Lindy like this one day during her nap.  DSC_1463In case you couldn’t see her stomach was entirely puffed up.  Had me worried for a nanosecond.DSC_1464Then I realized she had stuffed her blanket up there and fell asleep with it that way!DSC_1468Will created a neat little tv watching chair for himself.  DSC_1477A whole lot of PVC pipe!IMG_0682Men at work.IMG_0687A few of the finished products.  IMG_0688Watching the dye dissolveDSC_1480Dyeing the eggs!!DSC_1482DSC_1483DSC_1487DSC_1489DSC_1491DSC_1493DSC_1495DSC_1497Finished products!DSC_1499DSC_1500Building with Papa!DSC_1503DSC_1508DSC_1510DSC_1513Lindy loves her bike helmet and wears it every chance she gets! DSC_1519DSC_1528

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