Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Week After Vacation

I knew coming back from vacation that this week was going to be busy but I didn’t realize how busy it was going to be. 

We got back late last Saturday night.  Sunday afternoon I headed to a baby shower at our old church for my friend Courtney.  Funny story about Courtney, she was my CNA in the hospital when I was pregnant with the kids.  One time I was only there overnight but the second time I was there two weeks.  She was awesome.  She washed my hair for me, in my bed, when they wouldn’t even let me out to shower.  I will forever be indebted to her for washing my hair!  The coincidental thing is that she was dating a guy who had grown up in our church.  Small world!  Now she is pregnant with a little boy and due in May. 

I came home and got the kids dressed and we headed right back out to our old church for a funeral visitation.  One of our favorite people from our old church, Lojean, died suddenly of a heart attack while we were in SF.  Lojean is the mother (and mother-in-law) of our   closest friends from our old church, Mike and Janice.  Janice is our favorite and the best babysitter.  Mike and Janice adopted us while we were at our old church and therefore they became the kids’ Stokes County grandparents.  Lojean was a special lady and we can’t believe she is gone.  Lojean had blueberry bushes and we have spent many a morning in the summer picking blueberries at her house.  It’s been fun taking the kids the last few years to her house to pick blueberries.  We will miss Lojean.

Monday I had a March of Dimes meeting and Drew went to Lojean’s funeral.  We put the kids in lunch bunch (they can stay until 1pm at school and eat lunch) for the first time and Drew picked them up and took them to Lindy’s doctor’s appointment with the orthopedist to check out her cerebral palsy.  Her doctor usually only sees her yearly because she has always done so well.  I was a tad bit more nervous about this appointment because of the fact that she has gotten tighter in her left ankle since last fall.   I prepped Drew and Lindy on what would happen.  I knew she had to get a hip x-ray and I know she threw up on me last year (the room looks a lot like the room where she gets her kidney testing done).  We practiced and pretended we were getting x-rays on our couch at home.  I kept telling her it didn’t hurt, she was just getting a picture taken.  Drew said she cried, but didn’t throw up.  Dr. Kat said she still looked good.  Jill, our PT, had given her a report and thought we were treating her well.   I was worried we were heading in the direction of botox shots in her ankle but we aren’t there yet.  Not really close either.  She mentioned it to Drew but just in passing and still only wants to see her yearly!  Yay.  I’m glad the appointment went well.

Tuesday was bank day for the March for Babies walk so Will and I dropped off Lindy and then headed to the office to help collect money.   We picked Lindy up and headed to gymnastics class as usual.  Wednesday was a little more normal day as the kids had school and music class.

Thursday Lindy had field day with all the hearing impaired and visually impaired kids in our county.  In fact they invite the whole state and they did have schools show up from a few hours away.  Will and I dropped off Lindy and ran some errands for the MOD and then we headed to the Wake Forest football field where they were having field day.  We met Drew and found Lindy.  They had all kinds of games set up on the field for the kids to play.  We stayed with her hearing impaired class for most of the morning until most of her friends had to leave on the bus.  We went down to the visually impaired side and saw her vision teacher and talked with some people we know.  Families were invited so Will got to join in with her class and he thought that was fun.  It was a beautiful morning for field day.  Thursday evening the kids had choir practice at church.

Friday morning I dropped the kids off and headed to the March of Dimes office.  We were busy all week getting ready for the walk on Sat. (the 21st).  I had to leave after a little while because it was the Spring Fling at the kids’ school.  I met Drew and we split up and went with the kids.  They had three stations for the kids to play at and they rotated them through.  I went with Lindy first to see Ms. Cottontale and her bunnies.  She had rabbits, dressed up in clothes!, and let the kids pet them.  Drew went with Will to the hula hooping station in the gym.  I went with Lindy next to the music room where they sang 4 songs for the parents.  I left there and met Will and Drew out in the front lawn where Will’s class was looking at all the bunnies.  Drew headed to hula hooping with Lindy and then I went to music with Will again.  I never saw any hula hooping games and Drew never saw any singing.  I did record them so Drew can watch them.  The parents really just sat and watched but it was fun to see them having fun.  After the activities, the entire school was invited to a big picnic on the playground.  We all brought lunches and we ate and let the kids play.  Drew took the kids home with him and I headed back to the MOD office and finished helping get everything ready and get the truck loaded up with all the supplies for the walk.

That was just mine and the kids’ schedule this week.  Drew had a bunch of stuff going on as well, including a lot of hospital visits and unfortunately a funeral this evening. 

What a week to have to come back to after our vacation.  Drew and I have been exhausted all week.  Although SF was awesome, it wasn’t a relaxing on-the-beach type of vacation.  We came home tired and we have had no chance to recover!  Hopefully this week will be much slower and calmer!

Cute Easter outfit Miss Priss got.DSC_2459Miss Priss getting ready to play football.DSC_2456DSC_2463DSC_2465When I left for SF I had a little girl.  I came home to a truck driver with a foul mouth.  Just kidding on the foul mouth.  Mimo got this hat for Will and apparently Lindy took it over and Mimo had to buy Will another one.  She has worn it all week long.DSC_2470One of the presents we got the kids in SF.  Everyone out there was wearing these hats!  They were so cute I couldn’t pass them by.  DSC_2484Gangster owl?DSC_2483Cute owls!DSC_2489DSC_2491I also got Lindy this Hello Kitty hat because people were wearing these kind of hats too.  They had all kinds of animals.  She hates this hat and this is the one and only time it’s been on her head.  Who knows why!DSC_2493HI/VI Field DayDSC_25003 legged race DSC_2512They played a lot with the big parachutes.  They are always a big hit.DSC_2545DSC_2533Tug of rope.  It was Drew (and kids) against Ms. Asbury (and kids)!DSC_2550DSC_2555DSC_2558The Deacon was there.  Will wasn’t real sure at first.DSC_2565Warming up a bit.DSC_2572But then at one point it was the Deac, Lindy, and Will under a parachute (and me taking pictures!) and they were all over him!DSC_2582DSC_2584Lindy loves her much too large field day shirt – and had to add the hat.DSC_2598Spring Fling at her other preschool.  She took the ‘touching the bunny with two fingers’ rule very seriously.DSC_2604A bunny riding in a bunny baby carriage.  Ridiculous!DSC_2609DSC_2612I’m thinking about opening a bunny clothes shop.  Who knew people dressed up bunnies?  DSC_2615Lindy’s friends and the class next door singing.DSC_2621DSC_2623DSC_2624Will petting the big, furry rabbit.DSC_2626Will’s friends and the class next door.  Check out the height difference.  It’s the main reason he is not going to kindergarten next year.  The boy needs some time to grow taller!DSC_2628DSC_2630DSC_2633

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Janice Sizemore said...

Lojean will be missed! But, have no fear. There will be blueberries to pick, and you will be welcome to pick any time when they get ripe!