Tuesday, April 17, 2012

While We Were Gone

Drew and I left on Easter Sunday for a week long vacation – without the kids!! 

My parents were down here for Easter weekend and they stayed with the kids until Wednesday afternoon.  Drew’s mom came on Wednesday afternoon and stayed the rest of the week with them.  We got home on Saturday night but his mom stayed Sat. night with us and left Sunday afternoon.  I left seven pages (or was it 9?) of directions for our parents.  And I left Will.  Who is a schedule follower and could pretty much do our daily routine without me around. 

And from what I hear – he did a good job of telling everyone when they were doing something different than his Mom did!  My parents said he said, “But my mom…” a thousand times.   He is also a little GPS and knows his way around town.  He didn’t like it when my dad took different roads than I normally take, but he did help my mom get home from a walk they went on one day. 

Since the kids’ spring break was the week before Easter, last week was a regular week for them. They had school each day and they had gymnastics, music class, and choir practice.  They just had different people taking them to and from school and their activities.  I know my parents got to square dance with the kids at gymnastics but I haven’t heard too much else about any of the activities. 

The kids did really well without us around.  We have a Berenstein Bear book where Mama and Papa bear go on their second honeymoon and Brother and Sister go stay at their grandparents’ house.  When I first told the kids we would be leaving I told them that Drew and I were going on our second honeymoon.  Will asked where he and Lindy were staying and I told them they were staying at home and their grandparents were coming to stay with them.  From then on they told everyone about us going on our second honeymoon!  In the book Mama and Papa go canoeing and play tennis and Will even told people were going to canoe and play tennis!  They were so excited about their grandparents coming to stay with them.  They didn’t blink an eye when we left and they hardly noticed when we got home!  We talked to them throughout the week and they were fine and having a blast.   

The grandparents seemed to say everything went fine.  Or they didn’t tell us if anything went really bad!  I know Lindy threw up one time with my parents because as usual she stuffs her mouth full of food and she gagged and threw up.  She also threw up on Drew’s mom – unfortunately they were out in public.  She took them to the ice cream shop by herself and it sounded like quite the adventure.  Lindy ended up throwing up (on a tray, Mimo said) and while she was throwing up Will told Mimo he had to poop.  She cleaned Lindy up and loaded them up and came home.

Saturday Anna, Brian, Ed, Corbyn, and Molly all came over to visit.  Mimo took Will to a birthday party at Bounce U while Lindy stayed with everyone at our house.  After Lynn and Will got home they all went to the Wake Forest baseball game and stayed almost 7 innings.   They came home for dinner and baths and then we got home. 

I have three pictures from the week.  Maybe if there are more the grandparents can send them to me!

Blowing us goodbye kisses.photo1The slow-motion wave!photo2photo3

And that is the kids’ week in pictures!

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