Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello Spring Break

We are technically on spring break but we have no plans so it’ll be kind of a boring spring break!  At least we get many days to sleep in!

Let’s see what we did last week.  Tuesday was gymnastics as usual.  I guess one of her teachers has finally had enough of her messing around in circle time.  He threatened her with time out and so she came over to the gate crying.  What to do with that child???  After gymnastics we went with Katie and Claire to the library.  Simple and fun activities turn stressful quick when two kids are pulling out books left and right. 

Wednesday the kids had their Easter parties at school and then they had music class.  I decided to let the kids paint outside that afternoon.  I don’t do messy things all that often so they thought it was great.  I set up the easel and taped a picture up to each side and they painted away.  Will took his time and did a pretty good job.  Lindy just slopped paint up there.  One time Will came over to look at her side and he was kind of talking to himself and said, “That looks so bad!”  We got Lindy a new picture and we painted together and she did a lot better.  We talked about painting only the white parts of the paper, not the ones that already have paint on them.  Will drew a maze with his second picture.  They sure did have fun!

Thursday Will and I dropped Lindy off at school and then went shopping at Kohls.  I got some great deals for the kids with a few different coupons that were all expiring.  We headed back to Lindy’s school for her Easter egg hunt at 10am.  Will was with me and so we had to have a talk about how this was Lindy’s class and he could help Lindy find them, since she can’t see as well, but he needed to let her pick them up.  He did a great job helping her but letting her do it.  After the egg hunt her class headed back in for the rest of their party but we headed out because Lindy had a follow-up appointment with ENT. 

If you remember we went to a hearing test in Jan. and Lindy had fluid in her ears.  Her audiogram was much worse than normal.  We went to ENT the next week and he confirmed she had fluid.  He wanted to give her 6 weeks to clear it up by herself.  She had about 3 colds and a hospital stay.  There was fluid in her ears as late as March 8th.  She missed her original follow-up appointment because she was in the hospital so they rescheduled her for Thursday.  I figured the fluid would still be there.  The school audiologist did a tympanogram for us on Thursday morning and when I picked her up I saw the tympanogram and it was normal looking!  I was so excited.  Her last one had been flat and this had the nice bell shape curve on it.  We took it with us to ENT and he confirmed that the fluid was GONE!!!  I was shocked she had cleared the fluid on her own.  We avoided tubes – again!  This is the second time they’ve found fluid and both times she has cleared it on her own.  I know tubes aren’t a big deal but if we don’t have to have them, then I don’t want them.  The ENT said some kids with tubes get a lot of drainage and then kids can’t wear their hearing aids.  I don’t really want to mess with all that.  So we had a good ENT visit and we will follow-up in 4 months with him.  We have another hearing test scheduled for May. 

Friday was our first day of spring break.  No school!!  I had to go do some March of Dimes things around lunchtime but in the late afternoon we headed out for a ride.  We picked up some free milkshakes and then headed to a neat little area of town to look at the beautiful azalea bushes in bloom.  It’s a tiny little park (actually the median of a street) but it was big enough to get out and walk around.  The kids had a blast exploring this little place and the flowers were amazing. 

Yesterday we had our spring fling at church.  We went up around 10am because they had set up the bounce house an hour early so I let the kids bounce while there were no big kids around.  They had so much fun.  There were two other church kids there and one is a girl that Lindy loves to death.  She is 9 years old and she helped Lindy out in the bounce house.   They had so much fun going down the slide.  Before long Lindy was going down on her stomach, head first.  I was a little worried about her breaking her glasses but thankfully she didn’t.  The games and fun started at 11am.  They played games, ate lunch, made care packets for soldiers, saw the Easter bunny, and had an egg hunt.  GrandBob and Suzette came up and spent the morning with us at the church.  The kids loved having them there.  It had been raining in the early morning but thankfully it stopped raining and turned into a nice (and hot) day. 

Until next time…DSC_1207DSC_1216DSC_1217DSC_1220DSC_1221DSC_1222DSC_1223Lindy’s motley crew of hearing impaired kids (and Will)!DSC_1235DSC_1238"There’s one Lindy!”DSC_1240Beautiful azalea bushes!DSC_1244DSC_1252DSC_1265DSC_1271DSC_1273DSC_1274DSC_1277DSC_1288DSC_1304DSC_1317DSC_1320DSC_1324Loving the bouncy house!DSC_1327DSC_1331DSC_1338DSC_1347Loving Hailee!DSC_1350And GrandBob!DSC_1353DSC_1360DSC_1367DSC_1364DSC_1372DSC_1374Not exactly sure about the big bunny!DSC_1384DSC_1389DSC_1395DSC_1398DSC_1400Hunting eggsDSC_1409DSC_1410DSC_1416DSC_1420Someone else had to try out the bouncy house slide!DSC_1437

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Hi! Visiting from Kelly's Korner! Your kiddos are adorable! I have 14 month old b/g twins :) Are you from the triad area? I live in GSO!